10 key traits of a Gen Z employee

Since 2018 the new generation of employees in the corporate world is known as Gen Z employees. They are unique in their own way and have made a mark for themselves by setting themselves apart from their millennial counterparts. Read on to understand how to recruit Gen Z employees, how to empower them to help them thrive in the competitive corporate setting, and how to properly understand them to drive them to success and growth in their careers. Managers need to polish their coaching and mentoring skills to become successful while dealing with Gen Z employees.

10 key traits of a Gen Z employee

1- Google has always been there for our help – to make world information available and organize

Gen Z employees are used to having answers at their fingertips in a jiffy. They have access to the internet and can get all kinds of information so easily. This has made them a little under-confident when it comes to decision-making. Most of them struggle to assess the problem and find the best solution for it.

2- A ‘telephone’ is more of a GPS instrument, video game, communication drive, and research library

Technology has completely transformed the lives of Gen Z. It gives them new perspective and unique problem-solving abilities that older generations might not have thought of.

3- As toddlers, they might have taught their grandparents how to Skype

It is true to say that Gen Z is the most tech-savvy lot of employees in the current scenario. But the good thing is that they are willing to share their knowledge and help employees from other generations who are less confident with technology.

4- They have grown up afraid that a shooting can happen at their school too

Gen Z employees have seen so much violence that they feel the need for a safe and secure work environment a lot more. They want to take risks without constantly fearing that they might lose their job security because of it.

5- They have seen Blackberry being more than a fruit, an integral communication device

6- They’re probably not aware of what a dial-up modem sounds like and its hassles

There are some concepts that Gen Z employees just don’t relate to. It is time that managers should understand this and not waste time teaching them outdated concepts. Instead explain the situations with the latest technology, interesting coaching methodologies, and relatable material.

7- A movie scene longer than a couple of minutes seems like an eternity

One of the main characteristics of Gen Z is their short attention span. Although some people consider this a shortcoming, but the advantage is that they can easily filter information and do it quicker than their previous generations. This can even be enhanced by coaching.

They have developed the ability to determine if something is good or bad, they are fast and quick in giving reactions, and most of them think that they shouldn’t have to wait more than a year for a promotion.

8- Each year they have grown the popularity has grown and so has the diversity

Gen Z employees are considered to be the most diverse employees in today’s workforce. An increasing number of employees are open to inclusion and diversity in their workplace, they understand the cultural differences and respect them, and most of these are Gen Z employees. The benefits of coaching and mentoring are great for Gen Z employees.

9- The new ‘formal’ way of communication is email. Texts and tweets are the new casual conversations

The use of smartphones has increased as compared to desktops or laptops. Gen Z employees are also making use of workplace communication apps for effective coordination between teams. These allow less formal communications to happen with ease and give employees a platform to share their opinions.

10- ‘Good feedback’ means getting 30 likes on a single post on Facebook in one evening

Feedback for you might be something different, but for the Gen Z employees, it directly translates to the engagement they get. When we asked the Gen Z employees what is that one characteristic that they look forward to in their boss. A recent study shows that two-thirds of Gen Z employees feel they need their supervisors to provide feedback every few weeks and 20% of them said that they need daily feedback.

It is best that you make the most of this generation by understanding their needs and struggles. We know any kind of transition is tricky, but with the right coaching the journey becomes easy and you’ll soon become a Gen Z pro.


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