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5 Useful ways to Communicate with Employees during a Crisis

Communication has been regarded as the most important aspect of an organization. When the management communicates with transparency and urgency, it helps people adjust to the changes happening. At times, people out of urgency get into trouble by taking impulsive decisions. But, such decisions can cause problems for the entire organization.

Here, leaders must create transparency through communication. Besides, showing empathy and conveying a clear message can also foster hope in facing the challenges that can lie ahead.

But, beyond these recommendations, below are a few ways that can help leaders to bridge the gap:

Communicating frequently

Leaders must stay in touch with the people to help them with their problems. Frequent communication helps reduce fear and negativity. With it, regular calls and emails help in keeping employees informed. This can also help build trust and transparency that can lead to improved productivity of employees. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, it is the responsibility of the leaders to keep employees up to date.

Choosing safer channels for giving feedback

Leaders must choose safer channels that can help employees to offer feedback. Many channels can be used for offering feedback such as discussing with HR, talking to a senior manager, a regular one-on-one meeting, and more. These are some of the safest choices that can be opted to help people understand and have clarity upon giving feedback safely.

Helping employees work from home effectively

Organizations and leaders must take this opportunity to help people feel comfortable while working from home. They can invest in organizing fruitful sessions, meetings, and training. The organizations should think to provide regular learning sessions to keep the employees updated.

Addressing concerns about job security

Today, many people are worried about their job security. In such a scenario, the management must get in touch with the employees from time to time. This helps in building hope and transparency. The employees must feel secure and be in line with the changes done at the organizational level.

Providing a plan for future

Being transparent about future plans and strategies can help employees be informed about the future. Discussing the short-term and long-term goals can also help know that the management cares.

Pandemic has changed personal and working lives drastically. Leaders must enable effective communication to keep the performance of the people on track. Working from home format is new to all. Here, communication plays a vital role. As a leader, it depends on how people perform during these difficult times and post-pandemic.



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