6 Ways to Talk to Your Team when the Times are Challenging

COVID-19 has shaken the world and navigating the change is not going to be easy. Leading at this time can be difficult. Leaders are facing situations where they need to answer their people while making them feel safe and motivated. Some people do not have satisfying answers but that does not mean that they cannot answer the questions effectively. There are topics related to pay cuts, reports on the health of your organization, etc. Navigating such situations can become easier if you know how to assure your team without giving them false hopes.

Make a plan

As a leader, you must have a plan in hand. You should know the time to communicate about the situation with your team. Communicating early can be the best option to look out for. Be positive and lead your team effectively with the right information and data.

Correct information

It is your job to inform your employees about the correct report and data. The rumour mills can often lead to fears and doubts. Make sure you are presenting the right information timely to them. So, be transparent and keep them updated with the answers they want without any delay.

Make them feel your presence

Employees need support during these times. The leaders must not go missing. They should make them feel their presence. The right attitude and reassurance can be advantageous for employees. Work from home format cannot work for all, so make sure you have the strategy, tasks, and deadlines ready for them.

Practice tone and physical delivery

Only delivering a message is not enough. It is important to practice the correct tone through digital mediums. Your tone, body language, and facial expressions must be aligned to invite the trust of others. Confidence and conviction play an important role here. Better is not to over-share to the extent where you intensify a listener’s emotions with your anxiety.

Keep them motivated

As a leader, it is your job to keep them engaged. Talking about the next month’s plan and strategies to remain aligned can be of great help. No one knows about the future, but you can use various activities that can help remain positive and up for new tasks. Weekly online training and quizzes can be exciting and keep employees charged up.

Remain calm under pressure

In such unprecedented conditions, it can become difficult to manage your stress levels. Make sure you remain easy and handle the situation calmly. Ensure to get the support of your seniors as well. This can be helpful to manage your team in the future effectively.

Supporting and keeping your team updated is the best you can do in such difficult times. Listen to their queries and help them come out of the confusion and fears. Be straight and maintain regular communication through digital mediums.


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