Coaching and Mentoring

All You Need to Know about Coaching and Mentoring

Have you been thinking of hiring a coach for your hi-pots? Well, if you’ve still not made up your mind, here’s some interesting information that can help you decide faster. According to a report published by ICF Global, around 99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process. Despite knowing the organizational and success benefits of coaching and mentoring, people often get confused on what’s coaching and mentoring. Read on if you’re also in the same dilemma. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

There can be no room for misinterpretations about coaching which is why you need to understand the difference between coaching and mentoring to help facilitate the process of coaching in the workplace. To eliminate these misconceptions, read on to understand coaching and mentoring, and what you need to know to distinguish the two.


To help you understand this vocation better, you must know that coaches work on sharpening your skills and expanding them as they continue to empower you and equip you to do your work more confidently. This enables you to deal with the technicalities of your work and other critical near-term issues and also keep a track of your work’s progress by setting your priorities and objectives.

This helps in encouraging and inspiring you and your people to attain outcomes that you could achieve in a shorter duration. As and when you have attained the set outcomes, you can choose to extend the coaching training by deciding on other weaker areas that could be worked on.

Coaching helps in remaining focused on the short and long-term goals, planning strategies to structure the path to achieve these goals, and to achieve optimal results in a minimum amount of time. These sessions can be decided as per the client’s schedule either conducted virtually or in person.


Executive mentoring trains you to have a broader backdrop for your professional career. They help you by working towards your goals and executing them through your skill sets by focusing on both the immediate and long-term goals that can go on for a lifetime.

Mentoring is more about how to impart knowledge the right way to help you deploy and utilize your skills to the fullest extent. Whereas, executive coaching helps you by sharpening your skills and expanding them! Executive mentors deal with such internal issues as career satisfaction, personal growth, and development, keeping balance in your life, and incorporating leadership and management skills that help you create an executive presence.

However, mentoring is a limited venture since it intends on working on your personal development and is usually on a lesser payment but executive coaching is a paid relationship that is often trying to go deeper into your deep-rooted challenges.

Now that you know about the benefits of coaching and mentoring, here is what you should know about the outcoming of coaching in workplace settings.

Coaching in the Workplace

In today’s world, coaching in the workplace revolves around assisting high-profile executives, leaders, managers, and demanding positions to help them perform better, and enhance productivity through skillful learning that effectively guides them to lead their teams! It helps them reach the desired goals by exceeding their company’s expectations by achieving milestones!

Coaching in the workplace empowers and enables leaders to tap into their unidentified potential and use their skills to their fullest extent to help achieve the bigger picture by doing the great good through their devoted service!
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