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The 7 ‘Senses’ of Self Development

Life’s experiences, whether they are good or bad, always keep teaching us. It is time that you make a commitment to your personal development and see what a positive change it’ll bring in your life. 7 senses of self development & personal development Sense of self The first step for self-development is self-awareness. When you… Continue reading The 7 ‘Senses’ of Self Development

Why organizational culture matters

Organizational culture and leadership are interconnected for the success of any company. It is important to have a conducive and friendly environment so that ideas flow freely, employees don’t have a pressure and feel more accountable. It is true that a lot of companies don’t understand that there is a strong relationship between leadership and… Continue reading Why organizational culture matters

Experiential learning through business simulations

Experiential learning has a more impactful and long lasting effect. It is easier to get things done and impart knowledge when people learn by doing it rather than just seeing it in a presentation or listening about it in a lecture or workshop. Learning by doing forms the basis of experiential learning. It differs from… Continue reading Experiential learning through business simulations