Check your readiness for becoming a Professional Coach? - Part I

Behavioural Judgement questions

1. You are appointed as a performance coach to a senior leader in the organization. After a few coaching sessions, your Coachee spells out to you that he doesn’t see a future for himself in the current organization; he has offers from the competition and is actually considering those options. What probable choice will you make:

2. You are the HR manager of an organization and you are coaching a young man who complains about getting into conflicting situations with his team & they don’t collaborate with him – this leads him to take most workload on himself and causes stress. He also demonstrated aggression in his language and the examples of situations he quoted. To you, this looks like:

3. You have been coaching a young vibrant lady who is doing significantly well in her organization. Over the last few months of coaching sessions, the coachee feels and considers that you have contributed in a big way to helping her overcome challenges in her personal and professional life. She wants to hire your services as a Coach beyond the current assignment and wants you to be her mentor. How will you take your coaching relationship further with your client?

4. You are starting a coaching session with a group of young managers (Group Coaching), and begin the session with a ‘Check-In’ – what's going well and what are the challenges in their team. You sense a bit of discomfort in the team and some of them are not willing to really even speak up and deflecting or not participating, giving an impression to you that they are uncomfortable.

5. Prasad is your coachee and he is grappling with a situation where he strongly feels that his boss is negatively biased towards him and is promoting his blue-eyed colleague for all events. Prasad feels that his efforts are going to waste however hard he may try, his boss is never going to acknowledge his hard work and talent he has. This situation will prompt you to:

6. Linnet is Secretary to the MD of a growing company. Her workload is increasing each day. She sits till late at work and even then her work doesn’t get over. Linnet was hesitant initially but on further probing, she shares that another major reason for her to sit till late is last-minute unplanned work given by her boss- The Managing Director. Work coming up for completion at short notice disturbs her entire schedule and she lands up in stress.

7. Sameer is Coaching Rita & she is demoralized at work since she lost a promotion to her male colleague who was also filling in for her when she went on a maternity break for three months. Rita is very ambitious, hardworking & extremely result driven. The promotion not coming through for her has disappointed her faith in the organization. She is not the same hardworking person she used to be. If you are Sameer, how would you address this issue?

8. You are the manager of the team and there are two teammates who are on leave. Reema who is a team member is currently overburdened with extra work and she is unable to strike a balance with her family commitments. You have assigned her the job of writing a paper on the recent trends of HR in social media and how the organization has benefited by adopting some of them. This write-up is for a business magazine. She got very upset and hastily walked up to your workstation seemingly upset.

9. Many a time in an open forum when you invite suggestions, ideas or opinions you most often see yourself:

10. Shree is your subordinate and you sense that she has been quite indifferent for some time now during meetings and discussions. You hear another person that she is upset because the research paper she submitted to you, didn’t get the basic appreciation and attention she deserved. The paper in your view was average in quality, so you thought it didn't deserve any special recognition. She also spoke about how she has put in a lot of extra hours and effort in completing the project. you will in this case