Coaching Snapshot

Select the number that best represents the extent to which you do the following (Use the line chart below as a guide.):


Strongly Disagree




Somewhat Disagree


Neither Agree nor Disagree


Somewhat Agree




Strongly Agree


1. I create a safe environment for talking about sensitive or personal topics

2. I keep the conversation focused on the agenda of the other person

3. I communicate openly and honestly at all times

4. My commitments relating to each coaching conversation are always made clear to the other person

5. I consistently follow through on my commitments


6. I make it clear when commitments can't be met

7. I set a clear goal for every coaching conversation

8. I keep every coaching conversation focused on achieving agreed-upon goals

9. I help others think of alternative ways to view a problem or solution

10. I help others think of as many ideas or options as they can to solve a problem

11. I listen to new ideas without jumping in to judge or evaluate them too soon

12. I stay objective during coaching conversations

13. I communicate in a way that makes others want to share their ideas or perspective

14. I help others draw their conclusions when considering different perspectives or approaches

15. I demonstrate understanding by reflecting on or summarizing what was said

16. My body language shows a high level of engagement in each conversation

17. I spend more time listening and less time talking

18. I ask helpful questions during conversations

19. I am willing to ask tough questions when needed


20. I always end a coaching conversation by clarifying actions or commitments

21. I support others in setting specific dates for follow-up actions and commitments

22. I help others set priorities based on our organization’s needs

23. I make a clear link between our coaching conversations and career priorities

24. I provide the coaching others need to grow in their career

25. Others achieve better results because of the coaching they get from me


26. I regularly make time to help others explore career growth challenges

27. I take time with others to check on their progress

28. I provide the support others need to stay on track

29. I remind others of the commitments they have made

30. I encourage others to take responsibility for their development