6 Ways To Level Up Your Communication Game

6 Ways To Level Up Your Communication Game

One of the most profound abilities to have in any occupation is the ability to communicate effectively. Active communication allows ideas and meaningful messages to flow freely in the organization that eventually leads to productive days and great results.

If you want to improve your skills and become a better communicator, then you can bring these 6 tips into practice. They are easy and bring positive changes.

1- Don’t Just Hear: Actively Listen : Before you worry about what to say next, try to actively listen to what others are saying. According to research, people listen with only 25% efficiency. Rather than thinking about your ideas and repeating what you had in mind to say, practice active listening.

Active listening will help you understand the real message behind the conversation and not just shallow words that don’t add up to anything. This in turn improves what you have to say next. When you really comprehend what the other person has said, you respond with a better and more to-the-point reply.

2- Ask Questions and Feedback : An active conversation consists of two or more people exchanging ideas rather than just one person lecturing the others. To help others involve in your conversation more, try asking them questions. This will help both parties speak and can turn a mediocre, boring conversation into an amazing one.

Also, try not to add spark with simple yes/no questions that make the conversation flat. Instead, try to include the what, when, and, hows into the conversation. This will keep both tied to the talk and make it more conversational.

3- Body Language is Necessary : It is a proven fact that nonverbal communication speaks louder than words. It constitutes your body language, your facial expressions, body moments, and posture as well. Simple acknowledgments through your body can help convey that you are attentive and are keen to listen to what the other person has to say.

Good communications know how to use their body effective communication and for a great effect on the one listening.

4-Focus on the Crucial Parts : It is best to avoid any rambling or detours and make the long story short. Evadelong-winded or indirect ways of communication to deliver the message clearly. It is best to keep it concise and incorporate only what is necessary.

If you are in the middle of a conversation and find yourself deviating from the topic, gently bring the discussion back to what should be conveyed. It is quite normal for dialogues to get derailed but having a conscious thought, you should be aware of the crucial issue and bring the conversation back to what is required.

5- Provide a Safe Area to Talk : People share their original thoughts and speak their hearts out in places they feel comfortable and safe. To provide that space, you must listen and understand the perspective of others with respect and attentiveness. This will lead to more wholesome and empathetic conversations.

Even if you run into a conflict with your partner or have a difference of opinion, focus on building the conversation back with politeness. It will be easy to do it by cultivating mutual objectives. It can be useful to give the conversation a positive turn and have a respectful conversation even when you do not have mutual interests.

6 - Editing Well is The Key : Some people prefer to have written communications rather than verbal ones. They certainly provide you with the liberty to curate the message carefully and edit it when need be. As writing gives you the opportunity to move back and edit things as you like, you can make improvements as per the need.

Therefore, it is very important to proofread before you click the send button. It is also advised to edit out any unnecessary lines or dialogues. This will help you have a concise and error-free message. This will also save you from the embarrassment of sending a typo/error-filled message.

Another great practice to follow is to read the message out loud. When you read what you’ve written, your brain comprehends it and finds errors that can be corrected.

These tips will help you transform heated discussions into meaningful conversations giving both parties a


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