Not Too Busy to be Productive

A Unique Approach to Boost Personal Productivity with 3 Strategies

Given the enormous workload and the highly stressed environment, we tend to delay working on specific projects while focusing on more immediate requirements. Everyone has different notions of productivity, reflected in how we work. It is important to self-reflect on how our skills can help us be more productive, and our productivity might not be the same as the others. Most of us struggle every day to focus and complete day-to-day tasks. We must develop a personal productivity plan that would work according to our skills. Multitasking has become the norm for most professionals today; however, according to research, multitasking does reduce productivity by 40%. It is important to understand how to complete multiple tasks and also be productive at the same time. A personal productivity system can help us to get things done more efficiently.

Personal Productivity is a Personal Choice

Some people believe in living their lives without planning for the future. These individuals live for the moment and in the moment as they don’t have the time for the future. As a result, some of them land up unhappy because they are too busy in the moment and don’t have time to plan for the future. We are busy with personal and professional life, trying to balance the two. We are striving to keep everyone happy and fulfill all our responsibilities which comes at a cost. End of the day, we are tired, and although we have completed our task, we have not given it our best. This complacency in our behavior can be changed with the help of several products and services. Some of the best productivity courses help you manage workflow by increasing focus, resulting in greater productivity and performance. Personal productivity is a personal choice, and it is up to you to understand your priorities and take action to resolve issues.

Strategies to Boost Personal Productivity

It is not difficult to boost personal productivity by applying certain methods. It is important to reflect on where we are going wrong and to understand what can help us develop our skills.

  1. Switch tasks If you have a short attention span – Very few people in this world can concentrate on one task for long hours. If you are a person who loses focus after an hour or so, then it is essential to switch to other tasks. This is the key to being productive while multitasking. We might lose interest when working on a project for hours, and productivity decreases. We can correct the situation by switching attention to another task and increasing productivity. Our performance quality remains the same when we return to the previous task and have better ideas and solutions that can help us solve the task even faster.
  2. One-to-one training for effective teamwork – The book by Dave Logan, Halee Fisher-Wright, and John King called “Tribal Leadership” emphasizes how collaboration can help increase productivity. Having a collaborative mindset does not come easy for everyone with communication issues. One-to-one training in Communication and leadership skills can also support a person’s growth by improving their life skills. Working on Personal Productivity is a continuous process; most of the time, we need motivation and support from others to ensure that we follow the plan. Some of the best productivity courses, such as ‘Getting Things Done, will teach individuals crucial skills that will reduce their cognitive load and help them increase their critical reasoning and other communication and motivational skills.
  3. Batch and organize tasks – As professionals, we receive emails and small administrative tasks regularly. Answering emails and completing small tasks reduces energy, so we cannot focus on more important items on our list. Computers organize files according to a specific system that increases efficiency and reduces the time searching for an item. In the same way, an individual can manage tasks like the computer. Bundle all your small administrative tasks into one group. This will reduce workload and help you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.


It is important to get things done while you still have your creative juices flowing and an ability to focus. In a highly stressed environment with many workloads, we must organize and separate orders according to their urgency. Personal productivity can only work if we have a plan and take steps to increase our cognitive abilities.


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