“Change”- the constant factor in our lives!

“Change”- the constant factor in our lives!

Have you ever been ill-prepared for a change?

Many of us really dread this word as change is something we do not like. As a leader, people do not know how to make their team members change when it is required. There are many factors that make change a difficult proposition. The fear of the unknown is one, for some of us the EGO plays up and we do not want to fail in front of others when we try to change or when we affect change. There are others factors like “people around me” that do not let people change in the process. Even the environment plays up and makes change difficult.

Take a look at the current scenario. We have a Pandemic that hit us and we have to make lots of changes in our lifestyle. We are told that we have to wear a mask and wash our hands as frequently as we can. When we go out, we are to keep a social distance of 2 meters. How many of us have seen that these norms are violated? Similar is the case with workplaces. Companies are turning towards hybrid models and virtual is the new normal. Meetings and chit-chats happen over video calls and the bedrooms have become offices with laptops that are the tool to work and communicate.

If you are a manager, these days are even harder to get things done, to talk to people, conduct meetings, and also understand reports. At the same time, the business must go on and many people are ill-prepared for these changes. Honestly, we do not know how to change!

Can you identify yourself in either of these above groups? Don’t worry we have lots of company.

It has been seen that “85% of corporate change efforts fail”

Two out of three criminals that are released get rearrested. There is a funny story about a man who was convicted for three years for printing counterfeit money went back to the old trade and was caught. When questioned as to why he reprinted the counterfeit, he answered in the court that he had to pay the lawyers who defended him in the case.

Two years after receiving coronary bypass surgery to save their lives 90 percent of the patients are back to old habits. Do you have a relative or a friend who has done that?

Have you ever wondered as to why it is so difficult for us to change, knowing fully well that if we do not change it would be detrimental to our progress? The answer to this remains a mystery to many and the ones who have deciphered the puzzle thrive in life.

We have good news! We have people who found ways to make change easier. There are researches based on “World Wide” Influencers. These Influencers were selected, based on the following three criteria:

1-Found ways to both motivate and enable themselves or others to change their behavior.
2-Succeeded where others had failed.
3- Had data to prove it.

The research shows that there are six sources of influence we can work on for our change efforts and that if we can engage in six sources of influence, we are far more successful in bringing in the change we are after.

First and foremost, before we engage someone in a task, we need to find if that individual has the skill required to complete that task. Even if he has the skill to do that task, we need to understand his motivational level to complete that task.

We are not working in a vacuum. Many of our tasks require people who are around us. The “People” around us can either be motivating and encouraging us to complete the task or discourage us and not help us in completing the job.

In addition, how is the environment? Does it encourage the individual or works counterproductive? The research also shows that if we can identify and employ 4 or more sources, our change effort would be far more successful.

Please remember “if you change nothing-nothing will Change”


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