CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS: Leading to Crucial Outcomes

CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS: Leading to Crucial Outcomes

“I cannot deal with this, I am going out for a movie... “

“I am not up for this drama, I need a drink or may be 5 of them”

“I am going to call in sick, as I don’t want to deal my boss today”

“This project is not going to work, and I cannot tell the management”

Will such ignorance let go of the struggle??

The Answer is NO, until we begin to unburden ourselves from the piling of matters from past days that we could not confront or understand to speak out, we will never be able to get better.

Crucial conversations are interactions that happen in our day-to-day lives, where the disagreements happen that make the conversations go crucial.

People fear to speak out, as it conveys to attack them in the near future. Is it true or just the scary mindset of not mentioning what matters to you, as you might lose the connection, the job, or everything that is a sheer priority. Thinking this way will rather fuel your fear.

We fail to understand the priority that is ‘understanding the self’ – Spot the conversation / the issue that is keeping you from what you really want.

The fear is never-ending, but there surely is an end to happy living if we don’t spill what our subconscious self is eager to tell.

Many workplace issues, relationship troubles, and interpersonal problems could likely be resolved if people address their concerns in an open and direct manner. It can be aided through the Crucial Conversations Workshop.


  1. STRONG EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE: Frustration of non-attended matters leads to the destruction of matters that could’ve been productive when confronted. You lose a clear outlook on anything and many things when you are bottled up with the emotions that you were unable to spill.


  2. NUMBNESS: Avoiding emotions because you are unable to deal with them leads to having no energy to function in a usual way. Denial gets you loaded and drained from the energy to act on anything. This is sheer numbness, where you lose on the basic functioning of regular life.
  3. DAMAGES MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS: There is no surprise that piled-up words lead to major stress, Depression, Anxiety, and more. Brief to which can be explained that when you don’t speak out, you are unable to respect yourself in a way it keeps you going, rather it keeps you confused and the cluster of emotions effect individually in different ways.

    Some start to feel lonely as they interpret no one understands them; instead, they are unable to speak out. Feeling Lonely is just the starting step. It gets more destructive with time and causes sulking, leading to major depression.

    Hyperactivity in the nerves and emotions, which are not spilled, creates clusters in them, leading to major Anxiety where fear of being not understood is increased. And one stops to have normal breathing, which clearly is the basic necessity of life. The breathing, the basic functioning of the mind, is affected too strongly (badly).

    NON CONFRONTATION TO CRUCIAL CONVERSATION LEAD TO DAMAGING all areas of productivity and mental self

  4. PHYSICAL STRESS ON YOUR BODY: Overstress weakens your body's immune system. Also, when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, you may not take care of your physical health as well as you should.


  • Digestive issues: When your brain experiences stress, it tends to affect the gut as well. It could manifest in the form of stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. This further slows down your metabolism and subjects you to many more issues.

    Suppressed or repressed emotions often cause physical symptoms, including muscle tension and pain.

  • Regular Head Aches: When the crucial conversations are not made, it leads to overthinking, and in no time, one starts to have frequent headaches. When this happens, you also find it hard to focus and find yourself mostly distracted.
  • Shivering of the body due to Anxiety: The unsaid words, feelings lead to bottling up in a way that creates Anxiety and shivers the brain's nervous system, along with the body.

    Speaking out has its own consequences and stakes, but not spilling has damaging effects that can create a serious threat to survival.

    We must understand that conducting crucial conversations has its utmost importance to lead a functional life.


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