Getting Things Done on time is easier with a free mindset

Empower Employee productivity via Getting Things Done in 7 Prime Ways

The pandemic has ushered in unprecedented changes in the business sector. Flexibility was an important prerequisite for increasing productivity. In the post-COVID-19 period, organizations are increasingly embracing the benefits of hiring people for hybrid and remote positions but also providing the flexibility to choose between the two. Empowering employees can unleash their hidden talents and increase their decision-making power in times of crisis. Employee engagement focuses on the relationship between the employer and their work. Increasing employee engagement can help to increase productivity and performance. Employing employee productivity can be achieved with several virtual training programs. Getting Things Done training will change an individual's behavior and transfer to the group.

Getting Things Done to Empower Employee ProductivityGetting things done training is an online training program that empowers individuals to create a space in their minds and lives to innovate and increase performance. The space will help them focus intensely on their work and connect more with what they are trying to achieve. The main factors involved in GTD training resulting in increasing productivity on the following:

  1. Lowers Stress - The training isn't only focused on getting things done but on balancing your life and priorities. Through the training, individuals can reach a place comfortable with doing what they ought to and live the way they want to choose their purposes.


  2. Perspective through reflection – GTD training will teach you how to self-respect to gain perspective. You will learn to reflect on your life the way you want to live by keeping commitments and fulfilling responsibilities. The methodology in practice will empower you and make your mind available to receive good ideas.


  3. Zen-Like Presence – One of the essential components of virtual training in GTD is to achieve a Zen-like presence. Most individuals are trying to juggle their commitments by multitasking. The GTD training teaches us that the brain is wired to complete tasks and connected to external occurrences, which increases stress. The training teaches us how to organize expectations and commit to living a stress-free life. The essence of getting things done training is to have ideas and not to hold them back. The training will help to capture opportunities and commitments and also clarify these commitments by deciding on what factor to take best to complete one.

The GTD training is backed by science and was developed 30 years ago with the help of insight from personal and experimental observations. The training will empower productivity in the individual and reduce stress and increase focus.

Practices to Empower Employees in the Workplace

Practices to Empower Employees in the Workplace

  1. Open to Change – Flexibility at the workplace is vital to make your employees adaptable to change. One-size-fits-all is not a remedy; therefore, you should be open to ideas and utilize digital technology to increase effective communication.


  2. Open Mindset – An open mindset increases innovation and helps to increase the possibility of success. Many organizations feel that flexibility at work does not mean reducing productivity but also enhancing performance levels. Give your employees a chance by managing their expectations and design policies, keeping everyone's ideas and expectations in mind.


  3. Slow and Steady wins the race - You are expected to work fast to receive a competitive advantage in the fast-paced, changing world. However, in the case of providing a positive environment to employees, baby steps can go a long way. Allowing employees to select their start and end times for change and flexibility can help increase employee productivity and engagement.


  4. Define parameters – Giving your employees whatever they want is impossible, but providing specific parameters with flexibility is good. Communication is the key here, and every employee should understand that everything is about results that are non-negotiable.


  5. Hire correctly – Hire the right people whom you trust can finish the work and carry out their responsibilities effectively. Get help from specialized external institutions that work on hiring and retaining people and provide virtual training to increase performance.


Getting things done can be easier if you are focused on the goals. Having a mind free of stress is important to gain perspectives on your life and understand the importance of responsibilities. Your mind should be about producing ideas and not holding them back. Therefore, it is crucial for every individual to self-reflect on their life and their purpose to increase their performance in the professional world.


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