Leadership Training to be an Influencer

Leadership Training to be an Influencer

Any leader – Senior, emerging, or even those without formal authority – can replace persuasion and perks with powerful influence strategies that change behavior. Becoming a successful influencer can help you make sweeping and sustainable changes.

It is possible to create influence. It begins with self-improvement – investing in your abilities and adaptability – a commitment to keep growing and learning. That example is one of the most influential things you can practice. Here are some other ways to dramatically increase your influence with your people:

  • Provide opportunities for wins.
  • Believe in your people.
  • Save others before yourself.
  • Give trust so you can earn trust.
  • Think bigger for others – even bigger than they think of themselves.
  • Truly connect with people
  • Invest in the success of others
  • Extend honor to receive respect
  • Lead with character
  • Lift people up
  • Lead with authority but allow autonomy
  • Lead from within

It is possible to learn these leadership skills and the power to influence. VitalSmarts is one such renowned training company that will teach the leadership skills of the world’s greatest influencers and the most successful change agents. They believe in identifying and targeting the behaviors that are vital to the outcomes you want. They follow a proven model for modifying behavior and influencing organizational change.

Their influencer® Model was named The Change Management Model of the Year by MIT Sloan Management Review. Influencer® gives organizational leaders a powerful and portable model for achieving rapid, measurable, and sustainable behavior change.

Find Vital Behaviors - Identify crucial moments – the moment where behaviors can make or break results. Select a small number of high-leverage behaviors that will produce the greatest impact. Studies and uses examples of positive deviance, where some succeed when most fail.

Diagnose why change seems impossible - Identify the web of causes behind problem behaviors. Use the sources of influence to determine which causes contribute most to the problems.

Apply the six sources of influence - Use the six sources of influence to develop and apply a strategy for cultural transformation. Help people overcome their reluctance and resistance to change. Identify and master the necessary skills for success. Enlist support from formal leaders and opinion leaders. Leverage teamwork. Reward early successes. Create a supportive physical environment.

Conclusion: Leadership Training to be influencers is an essential part of becoming great leaders to lead the company on the path to super success. It makes happy and satisfied employees and improves the bottom-line of the company.



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