The Rising Importance of Skill Development Training in India

The Rising Importance of Skill Development Training in India

Skill development is one of the crucial aspects of job formation. In a country like India, the demographic advantage is at par. 60% of the population includes the young age group. The main concern nowadays is how to improve employability to get the dividend. Only a small number of individuals are employable, and the rest of the population lacks skills for being a corporate employee. This shows that there is a shortage of skill development training in India.

Challenges for Organizations and People Lacking Skills Development Trainings:

Inadequate capacity

Present infrastructure facilities in the educational institutions across the country are insufficient in view of the demand for skilled labour. There are a few numbers of skilled and highly trained trainers available. Here, the management needs to be motivated to take up the responsibility. 


Individuals who are associated with skill development are quite traditional. It has become a challenging task to enrol the students for vocational education.

The mismatch of skills

It is seen that there is a lack of industry-faculty interaction due to which employers’ requirements do not get fulfilled. Because of which, skilled people do not get employment.  The industry professionals must be included in the design of the skill development training program.

What are the advantages of skill development in India?

  • Increase in proficiency 
  • Grow skill sets
  • Achieve task in less time with more results
  • Increase in performance level

The Government of India has taken out several plans for skill development, but they are also not sufficient to create opportunities for skill development training in India. They need to emphasize skill development programs and help individuals to make use oftheir talent and knowledge. Today, everyone wants to establish a good career and for this, proper skill development trainings are required. It comes up to be an important part of any individual’s career.

The skill development training in India should be made compulsory to enhance all-round expertise of the people. They need proper guidance and training initiatives to develop. Communication, technological know-how, etc. are important for individuals to have a hold on. This can only be possible if they get enough opportunities to grow and develop through skill development trainings. 

Since many universities have given importance to skill development, it was found that many students were placed easily. Organizations today want effective and productive people. With skill development, people can work effectively and achieve success in whatever they do. There can be increased chances of promotions and individuals can experience a lift in their careers. All in all, skill development training in India is a must!

Significance of technology in skill development training in India

Technology is essential in scaling up the Skill development training in India Initiative. Technology helps to define standard training tools for the candidates so that all tests and tutorials can be conducted easily.

The main aim of creating a skilled workforce has to be united with employment opportunities for young people. Without the required opportunities the core challenges of unemployment in the country will never get resolved!

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