Train the trainer: what is it and why do you need it?

Train the trainer: what is it and why do you need it?

Many times, clients call and say that their facilitators need more help to become competent in training. That’s when we ask them to have your employees or trainers undergone Train the Trainer program? Mostly clients say yes, but on getting deeper insights we always find that they have just gone through the points of the training but don’t implement it in their real-world situations.

Train the Trainer certification ensures that an individual has shown competency in the required skill sets that are needed for targeted results.

Important elements for Train the Trainer process

It is quite difficult to find skilled workers and when you do find them it is important to retain that talent. In today’s corporate world that’s so competitive organizations that want to remain productive and profitable need continuous result-driven business training.

Train the Trainer program provides the right instructions, coaching, and feedback to prepare who deliver training. Key elements to effective training the trainer course include –

  • Skilled modeling of learning principles and delivery techniques, including how to help individuals learn and remember, processing techniques, classroom like setups and management, and handling difficult situations.
  • Application of client’s own content throughout the program and for any final skill demonstration project.
  • Well researched and up-to-date programs that are of professional competency defined by International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction.
  • The opportunity to receive both facilitator and peer feedback and coaching.

Demonstrate competency through Train the Trainer certification

When we certify trainers, there is a five-step process that’s followed. The benefits of this model include more than just skilled and effective leaders; it ensures higher retention and increased transfer of new skills and knowledge back to the job. The five steps are –

  1. Instructor Selection

Like when you hire an employee, the candidate goes through various levels of screening and interviews, the trainer candidates should also be screened to get best results. Closely working with clients to consider the qualifications needed and to develop a key selection criterion for corporate trainers is what the program is aimed at. Clients are urged to select their best and most experienced employees for Train the Trainer program.

  1. Learn the content

Once the participants are selected, the new instructors are asked to participate as learners in the training. They experience the training process firsthand and learn the content through the eyes of a novice which is critical for their success as a trainer.

  1. Train the Trainer workshop or certification

Depending upon the areas of focus, the workshops can range between one and five days of duration. They include a variety of content from the Train the Trainer course like adult learning, facilitation, instructional design, transfer of learning, virtual training principles, and evaluation. The thorough course handouts and training material provides all the required references for the participants. A certification program will involve skill assessment demonstration, that’s usually conducted on the last day of the training workshop.

  1. Revisit the content and training program

Once the participants complete the above steps, they move on to this step which involves attending a walk-through of all the materials needed to train the program including leader’s guide, visual aids, and participant materials. This step is usually conducted by a master trainer. New trainers get the right feedback and tips from the master trainer based on a performance checklist.

  1. Prepare to go solo

Instructors prepare individually and in pairs for their first solo workshop. A master trainer observes the participants and shares feedback and other coaching tips at the end.

Helps you build a high quality, local training team to improve leadership skills

Implementing Train the Trainer program in your organization will not just prepare the trainers and maximize their learning, but it will also provide comprehensive skills for the growth and success of supervisors and managers who act as instructors in their respective roles. They keep giving training to their teams, why not enhance their skills and make it beneficial for everyone with Train the Trainer program.


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