Understanding Responsibility is more than a Process of Memo-fication

Understanding Responsibility is more than a Process of Memo-fication

The COVID-19 pandemic came and shook the world in many ways. Everything changed and impacted many sectors. What came into notice was the memo-fication of responsibility amid the crisis. The pattern has become evident and many organizations and public stores have started following the same. But, some people are still unaware and do not follow the rules correctly.  It must be the responsibility of the organizations to be vigilant and know the value of following certain rules. A formal position document posted on a public place, virtual or physical is important.

Some leaders think that memo-fication of responsibilities can help them make understand their people about the rules. But, most of the people fail to do it.

Below are some points for the leaders to help people take responsibility for a plan, so their plan does not succumb to the process of memo-fication:

It all starts at the door

Leaders must help organization and its people to follow the new rules. It is the leaders who can begin practicing the norms. One of the best ways to do the same is to conduct an audit. Giving attention to areas such as meeting rooms is crucial. The management and leaders must help people know the new behaviors such as spaced desks etc. It is better to design the environment so that it is easy to remember and perform new behaviors by the people.

It continues with the people

The best here is people must take responsibility themselves. Everyone is responsible for their health and life, so starting at the individual level is a must. It is the job of people to abide by the rules and hold one another accountable to breathe life. Rules and responsibilities are everywhere and visible as well; it is peoples’ responsibility to keep them safe and secure.

It ends with the management and leaders

Rolling out of a plan is fine but it is how the leaders promote and support that decide whether people will do their part. People look for the support of their leaders. The leaders must start to maintain it. Motivation and encouragement are important these times. Following these can be helpful in the real behavior change.

It is the individual urge and participation that can help to lead a real change. Leaders must think beyond a memo and help people in following the rules for their benefit and others. Communication is the other significant way to keep employees and people connect for a positive change.

Everyone needs to remain calm, responsible and positive to keep everything going on a smoother pace.

This blog is adapted from a blog written by Steve Willis on (16th June, 2020) - https://www.vitalsmarts.com/crucialskills/2020/06/the-memo-fication-of-responsibility/



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