Why Should Leaders Become Influencers?

Why Should Leaders Become Influencers?

Leadership is not a right but a privilege. It is to be in a position where you can direct, shape, and positively influence the lives of others. Leadership is an intentional influence.

As rightly said by Kerry Patterson, “The lion’s share of the problems that really bother us don’t call for additional technology, theory, philosophy, or data (we’re up to our necks in that); instead, the problems call for the ability to change what people do. And when it comes to this particular skill, demand far exceeds supply. Given”

With the influencer program, leaders at every level can achieve better results by learning how to better influence those around them particularly when they’re resistant to change. Leadership is not just all about motivating it’s about acquiring competence to do so, inspiration and vision are essential but unless it translates to changed behavior, we fail.

Influencers have a significant impact on how business is carried out today. They are people who have in-depth knowledge about certain subjects which gives them certain leverage and empowers them to motivate their followers to take desired actions. 

Influencers will motivate you to dream big and believe in yourself. They will also teach you a few crucial lessons to succeed and grow. They go beyond corporate perks and charismatic personalities to teach methods for changing ingrained human behavior. 

The Influencer program teaches how to diagnose the causes behind any team or organization problems, rely less on formal authority to effectively motivate and enable others, identify high leverage behaviors that if changed will lead to desired results, and use 6 sources of influence to make organization change 10 times more likely. 

“People who climb to the top of just about any field eclipse their peers through something as basic as deliberate practice.”
― Joseph Grenny 

For someone to become a great leader he or she must first understand themselves. Learning how to take control of their own destiny, developing a strong character, and understanding how to set goals and stay motivated are the beginning steps. That is because employees tend to look upon them whenever they encounter problems.

In addition to knowing our skills and abilities, we should understand that we are flawed and human, enabling us to accept feedback in a constructive manner is crucial. Also, The ability to form effective relationships is essential to being able to function as part of a team, whether as a leader or a co-equal participant. Developing trust and communication skills are paramount to successful relationships.

Hence, practicing all the above ensures the success of the organization and the development of employees.

Abraham Lincoln was a notable leader. Most noteworthy, he ended the slavery system in the United States. He was a man of massive self-confidence and influence. His struggle against slavery certainly became an inspiration.

To conclude, Leadership is required in every sphere of life. Good leadership with the ability to influence people’s mindsets in a positive way is the door to success. 


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