Achieve your Organizational Goals by Team Building Activities

Achieve your Organizational Goals by Team Building Activities

Business organizations plan and achieve their targets by setting goals on a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis. To achieve this critical objective, managers play a vital role and work toward achieving those goals without fail. Further, a competent manager will ensure that goal setting is a part of team-building and leadership skills. But, how does the organization secure a competitive advantage? It is the most pressing issue in the present competitive world, where organizations continuously change their strategies. Investments in technology, infrastructural changes, and other re-engineering strategies have not given good results unless the company has worked on the team-building activities.

Investing only in the material is a misguided notion of what will lead to development and success. For a company to successfully meet its goals and improve its performance, it should infuse money into skill development and enhancing the workforce capabilities. It includes individual skills and group activities to help them perform better as a team. Goal setting team building activities can play a significant role in teamwork and help in achieving success.

What is Goal Setting?

Leaders must set goals, and it involves the implementation of SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented, and timely. The SMART goal tool can be a medium through which employees get aware of the different variables associated with achieving their target. Goal setting provides the individual with work-related details to help establish realistic objectives. Individual goals should synchronize with the organizational goals to create motivational incentives and foster employee loyalty. Companies can also take the help of various team-building activities like Council of the Marble Star that help build productive relationships, leadership skills, and better team development. Researchers have found a positive relationship between goal setting and organizational success. Goal setting has led to increased employee performance and accountability. Goal setting team building activities also contribute to the making of stronger teams that could drive the productivity of an organization.

Importance of Team Building

Most of us understand the value of working as a team instead of depending on individual skills and capabilities. Working as a team makes it easier to solve problems and implement strategies. Goal setting team building activities are an absolute necessity that will allow the employees to not only solve communication issues but give them a chance to foster trust between each other. An effective team respects internal boundaries and supports each other whenever in need.

Disagreements can be resolved by engaging in healthy conversations where everyone is allowed to voice their opinions. It is mandatory to work together in a collective group that will motivate workers to be proactive. Organizations that are often having a hard time establishing collaborative teamwork should employ crucial team-building development and experiential learning through the help of company team-building games like Council of the Marble Star, Museum Caper, King Khufu, and more.

Companies can utilize several training courses and team-building virtual games to increase adaptability and cooperation. Employee engagement is enhanced if the company takes goal-setting team-building activities as a crucial factor in achieving organizational goals.

One way a corporation can invest in team-building activities is by providing business games that are both fun and educational such as Council of the Marble Star. The virtual team-building business games offer a learning platform for multiple participants. These games allow individuals to connect, communicate and solve problems as a team.

Council of the Marble Star

Council of the Marble Star is one such immersive virtual team-building business game under Eagle’s Flight experiential learning program. It is played with around 20-1000 participants to improve their effectiveness and teamwork by taking responsibility for the outcomes. This game is set in the backdrop of ancient King Arthur’s court and encourages the participants to socialize and strategize on how to make money. Participants compete in several challenges to enhance their cultural skills and professional capabilities. The participants indulge in trading, negotiating, competing, and working together to become a part of the fictional King Arthur Court. The goal of achieving success is through teamwork and by implementing productive relationships. Participants will learn to adapt to new situations and strategize new ideas to achieve their goals.

Goal-setting team-building activities through virtual team games like Council of the Marble Star will ensure that the employees are engaged and focused on attaining their goals. The games will develop personalities and improve employee relationships to ensure higher productivity in a corporate environment.


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