Best Experiential Business Games for Team-Building

Best Experiential Business Games for Team-Building

Days and days of tireless working are bound to throw your employees off their best moods! It takes one to manage the team to realize just how crucial team bonding and team building games for business are. With the lockdown in place, it has become all the more difficult for companies to engage with their employees and keep their team spirits high and almighty.

A worldwide stat reports that 2500% more organizations are investing in virtual team building activities in response to COVID-19.  Fun fact: did you know that employee’s isolation reduces productivity up to 21 percent? Yes, it does! That is why these corporate team-building activities act as secret agents that have the power to ignite employee’s productivity and performance through healthy engagement! But it is time to push all of your worries aside because we are here to suggest to you the best virtual team-building activities that can get your employees on cloud nine!

What are the best online team-building games for business?

Before you begin with the list, let’s get real! Ever since the pandemic closed our doors, the network issues have skyrocketed. Having said that, we ensure to suggest a few games that do not require you to be in a Google Meet/Zoom set-up or video conference. If at all you are planning in person, even then these games will bring people to the floor! The best way to ensure that the trick is working is when everyone in the club is buzzed. Let’s have a look at the fun and exciting business simulation games for team building:

We at Eagle Flight™ have the best team-building games that are fundamentally centered towards virtual experiential learning simulation that is best suited for team building as it is a highly immersive program that tests skills of planning, resource management, ability to take risks, and time management skills.

Museum Caper™

Total Estimated Time: 2 hours

Participants will play as detectives and get divided into equal teams to track down the culprit of three major robberies by investigating and looking for cues that are left in each of these crime scenes. The key to identifying the criminal is by cross-referencing the clues they have mapped as evidence to eliminate suspects and narrowing down to the true culprit. As the crimes get solved, the team gets to improvise on their next strategy by implementing better practices to solve the next crime more efficiently.

This will help the team use the following skills:

1- Effective communication by maintaining the accuracy and clarity to prevent miscommunications.

2- Improve their analytical skills by improvising on strategy implementation to achieve the objectives of the mission, and

3- Gain unanimous consensus to achieve accurate results.

King Kahufu™

Total Estimated Time: 3 hours (2 hours experience + 1 hour debrief)

Participants play as agents that represent major interest groups assembled at a place to assess a newly discovered pyramid. The game aims to propose a plan of action for emerging opportunities that have stirred up as a result of this brand discovery. The objective of this experiential learning game is to accomplish dual objectives by fending for personal objectives as well as keeping the team’s collective objectives in mind.

The team members will learn to apply the following skills:

1- The principle rule of Seven Cornerstones of Teamwork™ through multipurpose diagnostics, practice, and strategies,

2- Optimize and align personal goals to the team performance to lay a profound impact,

3- Create a cohesive, effective team striving towards a shared goal with a unified approach, and

4- Implement effective communication to accomplish the objectives through accurate, clear, and purposeful communication.

These virtual experiences will turn into a learning opportunity with real-time employee engagement. The goal of these virtual experiences is to incorporate learning without the keen awareness of learning during the experience which makes it all the more innovative and immersive.

Why are these teaming building games for the office important?

The corporate trend of every organization has entombed it in their work culture to keep the hustle as strong as their games! While playing these games, it is essential to understand that the team’s contribution to the organization amplifies as and when they form a connection with the team.

The essence of these fun team-building games is not to win or lose but to get to know one another better! It is always healthy to carry out these upbeat competitions that unities the team together and raises their team spirit. Trust me, it is best in everyone’s interest to develop holistically and feel as if they belong to a particular organization. It is the sense of belongingness that beats all odds!

Team building games for Business during COVID

Team building activities during COVID have become an important icebreaker of business meets and the corporate sector due to lack of engagement. Working in an office work setting has daily encounters and acquaintances with co-workers that do not happen as easily on virtual platforms.

Would you rather have employees who you barely know work hours long for you? Well, if that is the case then you will soon be losing out on your employees by driving them away by doing nothing other than assigning work! To ensure that the team is motivated and dedicated to performing well, team-building games for business is the need of the hour for employees to connect and get familiar with their co-workers. It acts as an incentive for people by unifying them towards common goals which ultimately leads to the success of any company!  


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