Embrace Creativity to Keep your Employees Engaged and Satisfied

Embrace Creativity to Keep your Employees Engaged and Satisfied

Are your employees engaged and satisfied in your organization? Does your organization give priority to employee engagement?

In the most challenging time of Great Resignation, employee engagement and satisfaction are the most important factors why the employees were quitting their jobs.

Therefore, it is very important for an organization to focus on these areas and build a work culture where employees are satisfied with their responsibilities, opportunities, and salary and feel motivated to engage themselves in the decision-making process.

By being creative in the ways you engage people, you can make sure that employee engagement is at a high consistently within your workplace. Develop employee engagement strategy by planning some company team-building games, social activities, self-development programs, etc to increase employee engagement.

But what if, you plan and implement the engagement strategy for your employees that is successful, but after some time what happens is - people start getting bored of the same engaging activities performed by their HR heads and Managers.
Creativity may seem like it is something with creating art, but in its basic meaning, creativity is the act of doing something differently or uniquely. Sounds like a good plan to bet on, right?

Here are some tips on how you can plan and implement some useful creative processes and practices within your company to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

1. Take employee suggestions and ideas

Many organizations follow a procedure, where they run an assessment or a feedback survey form to capture employees’ views, suggestions and improvement areas.

Employees who feel their ideas, suggestions and opinions are being heard by the company on general company-related issues are the ones who are satisfied with their position and workplace.

Be creative, you never know what if sometimes it's worth having at the very least a conversation about how the suggestions given by your employees can help you to improve employees' experience in your company?

2. Company Team Building Games, Tournaments, and Competitions

Employees love getting themselves involved in board games, social gaming activities tournaments, and competitions.

Consider hosting immersive company team-building games that reflect real-world challenges with a targeted debrief that links the lessons learned during the game with the reality of the workplace. This is the best way to increase employee engagement while learning at the same time.

3. Self-Development Training

Self-Development training is the best way to engage your employees, as the main reason for any employee to work in any organization is to learn and grow. You can plan experiential learning, VR simulation, board games, etc training programs for your employees in order to increase employee engagement rate.

4. Team-building Activities

Team-building activities, whether inside or outside of the office, are something that employees love. Offerings such as Museum caper, King Kahufu, Gold of the desert king, etc. These types of experiential learning activities will help in strengthening team bonding.

Engaged and happy employees are ideal for any manager. And it is the key responsibility of the organization to embrace creative ways to make their employees engaged and satisfied in the workplace.


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