Gain Corporate Advantage with Virtual Team Building Activities

Gain Corporate Advantage with Virtual Team Building Activities

Communication today is through computer-mediated communication systems (CMCS) that can cause several issues. A collaborative effort between a geographically dispersed team can be arduous unless there is proper communication through which information is exchanged effectively. The growth in telecommuting systems has led to an increase in the number of people who work virtually in teams within a given organization. Virtual teams are groups of people working towards a common goal by communicating with each other through electronic means. They utilize video, email, or other web-based communications to exchange information. Most organizations today opt for virtual team-building activities for employees to improve communication and build trust among the members. Team activities virtual can enable large groups of people to come together and develop connections in a world where face-to-face communication might not be cost-effective or possible.      

Problems Associated with CMCS

Several problems associated with computer-mediated communication systems may cause ruptures in the organization and hinder progress. These include –

  • Misinterpretations– The first and foremost problem is the misinterpretation of the data, the information provided in emails, or any other written, electronic communication. It is sometimes inconvenient to call people from different countries during a particular hour. Therefore most teams utilize emails to send information. Complex data transmitted through such electronic communication may confuse someone who is not trained or does not know the person sending the data. It may raise issues and can also hamper the productivity of the company.                             
  • Approval– Sometimes, sending any important official email requires the go-ahead from the company's higher echelons. It is time-consuming and hampers the project's progress.            
  • Inability to connect people– It may be ironic that the CMCS system is implemented to connect people from different countries. However, when it comes to the human connection, it fails miserably. When teams work together, they need to build trust and support, which is not always possible with only the CMCS.  

One cannot deny the requirement of virtual team-building activities for employees in the highly competitive business environment. Teams are the main pillars of an organization that drives its productivity and helps it to reach its goals.       

How can Virtual Team Building Activities help Employees?

Team activities virtual are experiential learning programs that can build the competence of the participants by improving their decision-making abilities and communication techniques. It is essential to develop good relationships that foster a productive and supportive environment in work and personal life. The virtual team-building activities will enable individuals to make contacts and improve their organizational behaviour. Companies can implement virtual team-building activities for employees through fun and educative games.

BYLD Group, in partnership with Eagle’s Flight, provides several such games to help individuals improve their skills and capabilities. These games will not only train an individual in interpersonal relationships but also aim to develop their leadership capabilities. The game "Promises, Promises" provided by Eagle’s Flight brings together several participants to form interdependent teams. The teams will have to overcome many obstacles to reach their goals of becoming a United League of Nations. The situation in these games is similar to the real-life issues in the corporate culture. Participants must work with the resources provided and complete their responsibilities within the stipulated time. The main intention of the team-building activities for employees is to educate them on how the participants can complete tasks by taking responsibility. Participants cannot accomplish goals in this game unless everyone works as a team. The game will build trust among its employees by enabling them to support each other in achieving business goals.         

Parting Thoughts

As teamwork is essential for corporations to succeed in the fast-changing business environment, it makes sense to focus on team-building exercises. Therefore, opt for team activities virtual to ensure cooperation and develop positive work culture.


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