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How are Team Building Programs Redefining Company Culture?

Did you know that 15% of job seekers declined an offer from the company because of the negative culture? Statistics concerning the business sector show that poor company culture can be a deal breaker for skilled employees.

During the hiring process, a candidate always has the upper hand due to several employer options and the changing work culture that allows a potential candidate to pick and choose. Generation Z, who prefers positivity and educational upliftment at the workplace, will take up a job with a low salary instead of going into a stressful and mentally draining job.

Role of Team Building towards a Positive Work Culture

Does your company have a positive work culture that focuses on the well-being of the employees?

88% of candidates looking for a job say that a good work culture is the main essence of success.

A positive culture represents an excellent image to your clients and candidates. Team building programs will increase productivity and encourage people to mix and learn about others’ experiences to build a positive work atmosphere.

The main benefits of a positive work culture are:

  1. Finishing Projects on Time - A collaborative attitude means that you trust each other and can discuss and solve problems. Completing projects on time will help reduce unnecessary costs and increase the productivity of the company.
  2. Fostering Trust - How many of us trust people around us who are not related to us directly? The answer is few. But in a business environment, trust is essential to ensure that work gets completed by inculcating different experiences and skills. An employee should trust her boss or colleague while sharing information regarding the outcome. It will increase both creativity and innovation.
  3. Stress Reduction - Most of us are stuck with jobs we don’t want to do, mainly because of the hostile work culture. A stressful environment can cause severe health issues and depression, which also affects the way we do our work. A positive work culture will make us happy and excited to leave for work every day.

Virtual and face-to-face team building programs help boost motivation and implement collaborative attitudes among the members. It connects people across boundaries and roles. The programs promote mental health by encouraging employees to complete tasks by participating in challenges and communicating with each other to finish the race.

A Quick Insight into Best Team Building Programs in India

The best team building programs in India right now constitute a virtual team game that allows the person to connect with others beyond geographical boundaries. These team games save time and transportation costs as they can be played remotely in a virtual setting. The games are customizable according to individual needs and requirements. It can train teams of up to 1000 members and make groups of 20 people at a time. Some of these team building games are:

  1. Museum Caper - This is a mystery-themed game where participants are put into teams to solve crimes. The participants working as a group will track down the culprits and solve the robberies. They are given limited resources, which will require them to utilize their cognitive powers and communicate with each other to solve the crimes.
  2. King Kahufu - This game is set in the beautiful city of Egypt, where the participants represent major interest groups for a newly discovered pyramid. The main focus of this team building activity is to allow teams to reach their collective objectives through the virtual learning platform.
  3. Promises, Promises! - This game is all about building relationships and thereby meeting the goals of the United League of Nations. Participants are given limited resources where they have to solve problems that reflect real work life.


Some of the best team building programs in India will build your team's confidence and encourage a positive work culture within a short period. Virtual Team Games can be a great stress buster and act as icebreakers to handle effective communication in an organization. Further, increasingly practicing these games can help enhance cognition and boost the creative streak.


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