How can You Add Fun to Virtual Team Activities?

How can You Add Fun to Virtual Team Activities?

The current pandemic situation has taken a toll on our mental stress. Just when we thought things had started getting better, we are now back to square one. But this time most organizations have already adjusted to the changing norms. And they now care about virtual team building, since outdoor team building activities have come to a halt.

How to Add Fun to Virtual Team Activities?

Building virtual teams is crucial since it aids in the development of happy, engaged, and productive distant teams. Employees who work from home frequently struggle to feel connected to their coworkers and the company, and this is especially true during quarantine. You may not only mimic but even exceed the engagement of office-based teams by investing in remote team-building activities.

Teams that collaborate and communicate well work together more effectively. As a result, as more teams work from home, it's more crucial than ever for companies to organize enjoyable and effective team-building activities to assist the teams in bridging the gap and boosting trust, cooperation, and engagement.

When well-designed and coordinated, virtual team-building activities may also be beneficial in enhancing team productivity. As a general rule, make online activities simple for remote employees to engage in, rather than making them stressful or difficult.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Team Activities?

  • A support system is formed when an employee is surrounded by a strong team. If they know who is listening, they will feel more powerful and will be able to offer their thoughts more effectively.


  • Working from home may be isolated and lonely at times, but fostering a feeling of community can assist to enhance morale and happiness through difficult times.


  • Employees who know their teammates and their skills are better able to collaborate and achieve remarkable achievements.


  • Building a great corporate culture requires a lot of teamwork. Having a corporate culture in place will help you increase internal and external communication, especially if you work remotely.

When team members join the calls, many organizations struggle to break the ice. As a result, there is awkward quiet and a quick return to the task at hand. Fortunately, there are several fantastic icebreaker questions that businesses may try out before engaging in online team-building activities.

  1. What one superpower do you wish you possessed?


  2. Today, what was your role (good) and thorn (bad) moment?


  3. Which of your vacations has been the most memorable?


  4. What was the most recent music you heard?


  5. What was your last search on Google?


  6. Would you prefer not to have internet access or lose your phone?


  7. What change did you bring in yourself as you grew up?


  8. Which historical person do you want to meet the most?


  9. What is one item on your bucket list that you want to cross off before the year ends?


  10. What do you enjoy eating and drinking?

How can Eagle’s Flight Help in Your Virtual Team Activities?

Employee engagement, productivity, and cooperation all benefit from virtual team bonding. It helps workers feel appreciated and connected, which leads to a high level of commitment to their duties and the organization.

We offer enjoyable and effective virtual team-building activities at Eagle's Flight India to assist firms to improve their workplace productivity and employee engagement.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, please contact us.


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