Tips that guarantee the success of your team building exercises

Planning Team Building Exercises? These 7 Tips can Determine Your Success

Importance of Team Building Exercises

Businesses must implement team building exercises to build a strong culture and establish collaborative teams nurtured on the foundation of trust. It is often found that practices implemented by HR Departments of various companies fail to implement crucial elements. This can lead to a waste of time and a disregard for similar exercises in the future. Effective team building activities will concentrate on training individuals to develop connections by understanding the different communication techniques. Bringing teams together helps to bridge gaps by creating common experiences and reference points. The success of the project can be enhanced through team building exercises. Group interventions can act as a mediator between leadership styles like transformational leadership and the success of the project. The benefits of team building exercises have been established for the last 40 years. According to statistics, more than 2500% of organizations have been utilizing team building activities virtual since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Need for Team Building Activities

Need for Team Building Activities

Gallup found that employer isolation decreases productivity by up to 21%. However, this alarming situation can be altered by using various team activities as motivational tools.

  1. Connectedness - Team building exercises can connect employees better with their organization and work. In the current scenario, where numerous teams are working remotely, team building activities can help employees interact freely with each other and feel less isolated with the help of virtual platforms.


  2. Preventing Burnout - Increasing burnout is a common problem associated with business organizations. Preventing burnout requires reconnecting the vision of the manager with organizational goals. Employees can balance work pressure with a holistic workplace that meets their professional interests. Therefore, team building activities can help build a shared value system that can reduce stress on an individual.


  3. Enhancing Trust - One of the most important functions of team building activities is increasing trust between workers. Workers are now dispersed in different geographical locations, which makes it difficult to communicate official and unofficial things. Team Building activities virtual can help bring people together and discuss experiences.

7 Tips to Conduct Team Building Exercises Successfully

  1. Initiation Exercise - Team building exercises should always proceed after an initiation exercise. These exercises are also known as stepping-forward exercises, where individual expectations regarding team building exercises are shared. Once this step is completed, the group is ready to start specific team building exercises.


  2. Including Less Vocal Members - While conducting team building activities within groups, it is essential to ensure a healthy balance among employees. There should not be an overwhelming majority of vocal members who can overpower others. Active inclusion will have the potential to form positive relationships and build stronger bonds.


  3. Clarifying the Importance - Team members should understand what they are getting into to gain their optimum focus and involvement. They should understand the importance of team exercises and the reasons behind them. It will help them concentrate on the key areas of team development and collaboration.


  4. Knowledge Shared on Team Issues - Team building exercises virtual should also diagnose the problems in the team effectively. Team building should be based on analyzing workplace issues to provide specific exercises to reduce organizational risks. The knowledge of these issues should be conveyed to the team members to decrease resistance to team development.


  5. Shared Goals - It is vital to implement shared and unanimous goals for all. Without the presence of harmonious relationships built on shared goals, team building activities are bound to fail.


  6. Variety and Customization Activities - Activities must be provided in variety to decrease repetitions and need to be customizable according to individual needs. In this regard, team building exercises virtual can furnish different activities that are interesting, fun, and educational. These activities are also customizable according to separate requirements like communication, employee engagement, or building interpersonal relationships.


  7. Exercises Based on Individual Strengths - It is crucial to create a “map of strength” concerning each team member. Team members should understand what each individual is bringing to the table. Team building activities should focus on this analysis to better understand, collaborate, and build a strong team culture.


Successful team building activities ensure increased productivity and full participation of employees. Team building activities also increase the trust and support between team members. It is essential to conduct team building activities focusing on individual skill gaps and trends to improve team productivity and performance.


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