Master the art of building effective communication with promises, promises!

Trying Hard to Build Effective Communication at Workplace? Master the Art with Promises, Promises!™

Numerous studies have shown the impact of simulation training in delivering the best learning outcomes as it provides a realistic and immersive experience to a learner.

Simulation training, as the name suggests, refers to creating a true-to-life learning environment that resembles real-life work scenarios. Here, participants can practice real knowledge and skills not just by reading books on theory or listening to lectures but through physical, hands-on activity.

This type of training is effective as it considers various learning styles that learners prefer. It is because not everyone learns based on visual or auditory materials. This is where simulation-based training takes care of the needs of kinaesthetic learners who learn, understand, and retain through practical exercises.
We did a simulation program for one of the reputed organizations. The program we did was Promises, Promises!™ The beauty of this program is how we all can become a United League of Nations.

This program is based on ten countries fighting for food, wealth, and resources. What happens when there is a shortage of everything and how do the countries struggle when they are not left with anything? They start through an environment where scandals occur, and the blame game occurs among them.

The mission given in this simulation is to meet the needs of your citizens and fulfill your campaign promises to become the United League of Nations.

Virtual Simulation Program

There are five rounds in this virtual simulation program. In 1st round, participants were excited to run this program and wanted to see what it was all about. They were briefed about the rules and regulations to become a part of this simulation training by our facilitator. In every round, participants were given different tasks to accomplish.

They bring up new ideas to overcome the situation and try their best to think out of the box with full enthusiasm, leading them to give lifetime memories and learnings. After facing obstacles in their path, participants understood the seriousness of the simulation in round 3 due to the limited time. They tried to see the big picture by keeping their mission in mind through the win-win approach of the virtual simulation program.

Some of the key learning outcomes of this simulation team-building game are:


  • Experience the impact of a “we” versus “me” focus
  • Understanding the importance of fostering a trusting environment through a global focus
  • Learning how to maximize productivity through a win-win approach
  • Discover how your role impacts company-wide goals
  • Identify how to deliver exceptional quality and services through effective communication.

When we ask participants what they’re thinking about this simulation, we can see that they have completed all the simulation parameters we were trying to understand, and they came up with the optimum learning outcomes.

The environment of that auditorium becomes so energetic and engaged that we can relate to why we always say learnings that stay with us for longer in our memories. It’s not just a simulation; it’s a moment we create to cherish our entire life, and participants apply that thinking back to their work and personal lives to grow every day.


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