Gold of the Desert Kings - Learn to Improve Productivity in Constraints

Unlock the Gateway to Team Productivity with Gold of the Desert Kings

I am glad to share my experience about the program hosted by Eagle’s Flight called as the Gold of the Desert Kings, a half-day training that influences the participants’ behaviors along with fun.  
As soon as we entered the conference hall, we could sense the energy and were excited to experience something new. Participants were divided into teams, and each team had about 5 participants. The Facilitator started on a lighter note with jokes and then began briefing the participants about the program and its rules and regulations.      
We, as participants, were given a target of mining the maximum gold from the mountains with limited resources and the challenge of returning home alive. We were given a map along with some money to buy food, water, and other required materials. Before the game, we were given about 10 mins to create an effective strategy to achieve the optimum results.   
Gold of the Desert Kings is based on a desert theme and is high on energy. Groups were provided a map of the desert, and everyone started from their home base to reach the mountains and mine as much gold as possible. We were given 25 days, where one day equals 3 minutes. All the participants need to survive in the desert and accumulate maximum wealth for themselves in the VUCA environment, which is ever-changing and uncertain.   
During the virtual experience, we were running around, and participants had to play the role of a camel to carry food, water, and shelter. It was a very energetic program. We had so much fun, and everyone played a prominent role in achieving the target, which enhanced our understanding of individual contributions in a team.
It is a fun simulation program that engages every participant to understand the value of individual and team performances. It helps participants understand the importance of planning, goal setting, team building, and execution. Further, it focuses on adjusting to team tactics and managing the resources to yield productivity that capitalizes on all the opportunities.    
This program also talks about prioritizing objectives and forging relationships in our work environment to make decisions based on uncertain changes and creating a vision for individuals and as a team to increase productivity. Post the experience; we had a debrief session with a facilitator who connected the lessons learned with the reality of the workplace. He emphasized the value of proper planning, clear communication, competition analysis, and how to capture the available opportunity on the way. The facilitator seemed to be a well-experienced and versatile person with vast industry knowledge. The debrief session was like a moment of enlightenment, and we realized the importance of minor things to transform our work life and become more productive. It also brought excitement among our team members to implement the learnings from the game in a real-life work scenario.     
Altogether, it was a great experience, with a lot of fun and learning. I would cherish this experience for the rest of my life and recommend it to other colleagues who were not part of this amazing game. I would also like to thank the Eagle’s Flight team for creating such a fantastic game, and I look forward to experiencing other team building programs.


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