Virtual Team Building Games for a Positive Work Environment

Virtual Team Building Games for a Positive Work Environment

In a globalized work environment, employees are situated in different locations worldwide. Connectivity and cooperation are essential components for working as a team to achieve success. Building solid teams who achieve goals within the stipulated time is vital to gaining a competitive advantage in the market. It is not easy to train employees on team building methods if they are not present at one location. Today face to face meetings and training are costly and quite rare. The pandemic has allowed corporations to explore various methods of team-building activities through virtual team-building games.             

 Challenges Faced by Distributed Teams

Teamwork means working together by supporting each other and fostering trust and cooperation. The collaboration aims to work towards a goal together by mitigating potential issues. In the contemporary world, most teams contain numerous people distributed to multiple regions- within a country or worldwide. There are several challenges that the teams have to go through, such as communication challenges where teams may rely on computer-mediated communication, which may introduce misinterpretations or misunderstandings of the information if not communicated in a clear and succinct language. However, increased correspondence does not necessarily mean that teamwork is successful; it could mean a lack of clarity between the team members. Time management is another crucial factor for distributed employees in a team. People have to adjust to the time differences between the countries. Building trust and initiating social communication is challenging, given the diverse and dispersed teams. Team building activities virtual will allow employees from different locations to work as a team to solve issues and build on their teamwork skills and capabilities.                          

How will Virtual Team Building Games Help?

Virtual team-building activities provide an opportunity for individuals to improve their communication skills and build their confidence by working as a team. These virtual games offer a wide range of services that allow participants to solve problems related to skill gaps. Interpersonal communications and identity development are essential components of team-building activities virtual. Given the limited resources, teams will learn how to solve problems in a virtual world. In the games, individuals will understand what the scenario can provide and what it cannot. The virtual games will have to build the participants’ critical reasoning skills so that they can utilize their working memory to develop plans to solve problems. The primary way to solve problems in these games is to cooperate, communicate and build relationships that foster a proactive environment and help teams to solve problems faster.  

Types of Virtual Team Building Games

Eagle’s Flight provides several immersive and fun virtual team-building games like "Gold of the Desert Kings," which allows participants to put more emphasis on individual effort while working as a team to finish a challenge in a restricted time. The issues the teams face are similar to the real-world scenario where teams work with limited resources and deadlines. The teams compete against each other to reach the final goal. The participating groups face many challenges they must solve by working together. It requires proper planning, strategizing, teamwork, and goal setting. The main results of such games are accomplishing the desired outcome with increased company productivity through collaboration, aligning the company’s vision with employee motivation, and improving the decision-making process. Other virtual team-building games include "Windjammer," which helps in focusing on improving profitability, planning, execution, and team-building skills.                 

Team Building Activities Virtual are an innovative way to develop leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. These activities will ensure that your team is focussed and results-oriented.


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