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Effective Manpower Staffing Leads to Innovation

Manpower Staffing

The high levels of competition and the impact of the pandemic are changing the workforce composition globally. In a business environment, the ability to innovate, creativity, and experience concerning skills and capabilities are crucial for adaptability and change. A skilled workforce capable of performing various responsibilities will be an asset to achieving sustainability in the long run. Organizational performance and productivity depend on effective human resource management. The implementation of digitization and advanced technology have been crucial in providing a hassle-free work environment to ensure easy and smooth communication. BYLD combines high-end technology with Manpower staffing to offer staffing services to organizations looking to make the process more productive and cost-effective. BYLD provides a one-stop solution to all manpower staffing needs, which include recruitment, training, payrolls, payments, and the use of technology to manage the life cycle of an employee.


BYLD works with numerous consultants to provide the best advice and training facilities concerning the labor market, staffing technology, and solutions to all staffing problems in a business.


The Two Verticals That will Solve all Your Problems


We have two separate verticals that provide customers with individualized training and staffing solutions based on their needs and situational analysis.


YOMA Business Solutions provides cutting-edge manpower staffing technology that includes a cost-effective virtual hiring solution. It will enable the companies to analyze the capabilities and skills of the individual candidates in order to determine their effectiveness in the company. With this technology platform, your company will have a broader reach in recruiting candidates in distant areas. Tests or other evaluation processes on an online virtual platform can be easily changed and translated to make them available around the world. We provide several staffing services that include:


  1. General Staffing – We use our in-house customizable technical platform like “Proanto” to assist you in any staffing requirements. It can be accessed through your mobile phones and provides real-time visibility to all staff members like the top-ranking managers and supervisors. We also use robust technical support to ensure seamless communication that would mitigate any issues in a short time by monitoring and providing visibility of workflows and on-ground activities.

  2. Industrial Staffing – We partner with multiple manufacturers across the nation to place industrial personnel in different roles. We focus on your needs and your requirements to provide an experienced manpower staffing who would implement your project goals. We have experience in hiring technical staff, unskilled laborers, and specialized skilled labor. We are registered with the NSDC, which gives us an added advantage of providing skilled manpower through the NAPS program.

  3. Staff Augmentation – YOMA provides specialized staffing services to achieve a flexible outsourcing strategy. We will screen the candidates and fix a budget before outsourcing employees according to your project needs. It will ensure that your project is well within the budget and also has the flexibility when it comes to hiring a workforce.

  4. Managed Services – All our workforce services are client-centric, and we help companies to implement visibility that would lead to productivity. Within this service, we will solve all your recruitment, training, and employment needs.

  5. Shared Resource Program – We strive to make things simple for you and will help you achieve organizational goals through innovative manpower staffing. We have a shared resources program for maintaining recruitment goals through skills and capabilities by conforming to the budgetary needs of the companies. It happens when companies provide resources within the budget to target general staffing. It will reduce the cost of recruitment and ensure cost-effective industrial staffing.

  6. Apprenticeship Program – We strive to train and develop the skills of thousands of youths in India. We focus on empowering the youth with the skills to make them future leaders. Temporary staffing is a technique by which we ensure effective training of our apprentices in real-world scenarios.

Our second vertical is YOMA technologies which provide staffing services by way of managing the whole life-cycle of the employees from their onboarding to their exit. It will include management of the payrolls, documentation, statutory compliance, incentives, disbursements, exit formalities, and closures. We specialize in temporary staffing needs of the companies that focus on visibility and smooth functioning through our state-of-the-art technological platforms.


Get the one-step solution to your staffing problems with BYLD. Stay in touch with us to know more.

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