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Finding Human Connection in Unfamiliar Circumstances

We wanted to take a moment to check in with you before we started this article. How is it doing so far? Do you get a tiring feeling? Are you dealing with a lot of stress or perhaps burnout? If not, that is okay with us.

But if that is the case, know that

  • it is okay to feel unhappy, and
  • you are not alone.

Research proves that 1 in 5 adults say that when compared to this time last year, their mental health has deteriorated.
And, well, that is understandable. In 2020, a lot has happened, with one of the most significant disruptions to our everyday lives being the rapid move to working remotely.

Organizations still have bottom lines, and we all have professional and personal goals to fulfill, despite current changes and obstacles. Workplace cultures and teams may not be at the top of everyone's concerns right now, but the fact is that supporting your employees is more essential than ever.

We all know that genuine personal connection and engagement are difficult to come by... When you throw in working remotely (for some indefinitely), it might seem tricky to know where to start to rekindle that lost sense of engagement and connection. The last thing leaders want to do is fill people's calendars with dull, time-consuming training or spend money on a mediocre solution.

An innovative virtual solution for fostering a positive workplace culture

Since brief disruption has transformed into a long-term effect, executives are noticing another, possibly more destructive transition: what was once an engaged, collaborative culture may be morphing into a disgruntled, alienated, and distracted remote workforce. But why is that?

People are being pushed to new limits by the instability and uncertainty of this new, largely virtual working environment. Working from home is not the same as being in the office, and the genuine human relationships that fueled your engaged, collaborative culture before COVID are not translating well in this new, virtual setting.

Organizational culture cannot be overlooked now more than ever. To guarantee healing and outcomes, leaders must tend to it on a regular and purposeful basis.
However, you are probably aware of this. So, let us take this head-on and solve the problem of how to improve your workforce's capacity to interact, cooperate, and adapt in an ever-changing environment.

Introducing Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™


Everything DiSC on Catalyst is a personal development learning experience that prepares people with the social and emotional know-how they need to have more successful relationships at work, regardless of who they work with or where they work. Everything DiSC on Catalyst combines DiSC with flexible facilitation and the all-new Catalyst platform to enable people:

  1. Improve their self-awareness.
  2. Recognize and respect differences in viewpoints and approaches.
  3. Consistently adapt quickly to the specific demands of each person or circumstance they come across.

It is a huge commitment, but it is one you can trust. Everything DiSC on Catalyst is built around three fundamental aspects that work together to provide learners with an instant and enduring effect.

  1. Personalized with DiSC – Because no two people are the same, a one-size-fits-all strategy to improving our social and emotional skills is unlikely to succeed. Everything DiSC on Catalyst recognizes this dynamic and provides a highly customized experience for each of your learners based on the DiSC® model—a simple, yet effective model that outlines four main personality styles:

    D for Dominance
    I for Influence
    S for Steadiness and
    C for Conscientiousness

    Everything DiSC on Catalyst uses a scientifically proven exam to give accurate insights and practical solutions that enhance awareness of self and others, creating an experience that is unique to each learner’s DiSC style.

  2. Flexible, Instructor-Led Facilitation – While the DiSC model allows for customization, the true beauty of Everything DiSC on Catalyst is found in the discussions and “aha” moments that occur during a group training session. Sure, eLearning may provide insight into the desired ability, but when it comes to social and emotional development, human connection and interaction make all the difference.
    Thousands of enthusiastic coaches, trainers, and consultants from all around the world work with Everything DiSC® to enable meaningful dialogues that lead to behavior change.
    Each Everything DiSC Authorized Partner may incorporate facilitation into the flow of work and adapt events to any group size, location, or time restriction by integrating short-format learning modules with virtual and in-person facilitation choices.
  3. The All-New Catalyst™ Platform – The last component of this experience is the brand-new Catalyst platform, which is meant to bridge the gap between insight and action by connecting your learners and enabling practice. Because the fact is that changing our behavioral patterns and increasing our social and emotional effectiveness takes time and requires repetition and encouragement, and practice.

    Your students will benefit from Catalyst in the following ways:

    • Discover and use DiSC findings that are unique to you.
    • Using real-time suggestions, you can better connect with your coworkers.
    • Adapt their conduct in the workplace 

      The true potential of an organization is found in its people- Regardless of who or where they are

      While the workplace continues to change and the future remains uncertain, we do have some influence over how we assist our employees now. Everything DiSC believes that an organization's greatest potential resides in its people, and we are dedicated to delivering solutions that assist, connect, and inspire learners of all ages and backgrounds all around the world.

      It is critical to remember to check in on your coworkers and to recognize that everyone is dealing with their own set of problems right now. A little more compassion may go a long way, and it will benefit your company. A report on stress reduction gives the following suggestions on how companies may help employees:

    • Provide employees with freedom in terms of what they work on, as well as when and how they work.
    • Provide emotional support to employees through one-on-one check-ins or lowering their workload.
    • Provide explicit information regarding expectations, support services, and new policies in response to COVID-19's effects. This altruistic and human-centered approach, combined with a tried-and-true method for improving workplace engagement, cooperation, and flexibility, is a pleasant location to start your company's road to recovery, high morale, and long-term success.
    • We do not have all the answers, but we know this: Everything DiSC on Catalyst gives individuals the social and emotional skills they need to connect more effectively at work, regardless of who they are or where they work. Everything DiSC on Catalyst makes the difficult task of long-term behavior modification possible, and even enjoyable for your students. Everything DiSC on Catalyst promotes an engaged, collaborative, and adaptable workforce that generates results, even virtually for your company.

      Everything DiSC is a global pioneer in offering individualized, soft skills learning experiences that have an immediate and lasting influence on people's performance and organizational cultures, thanks to its award-winning Authorized Partner network.

      To learn more about how Everything DiSC on Catalyst can help your workforce engage, collaborate, and adapt, connect with your Authorized Partner.



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