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Fusing Technology With Traditional DiSC Psychometric Assessments

DiSC Catalyst- The talk of the town.

People these days always like to be prepared. Right from when the day starts, you check the weather forecast to see if you should carry an umbrella or wear extra sunscreen and pick up a pair of sunglasses.

What if you could do the same when you work with uniquely diverse people, and have different backgrounds and experiences occurring in varied behaviors at your workplace? And are you unsure as to how you fit in with others?

The only answer would be to be apprised of yourself and your colleagues thoroughly, which can not be done based on your intuitive skills in an instance.

What if we told you that your one-stop solution could be this user-friendly platform where you could get detailed reports about yourself and the people working around you?

How would you utilize the skills of your team members to the best of their efficiency to engage in this volatile environment?

As unattainable as it may sound, psychometric assessments are just a tool to understand your known or individual behavior. And they also enable organizations to identify the best fit in a team depending upon the behavior that has made it possible.

Psychometric assessments are evaluation tools to impartially measure an individual's aptitude, personality traits, and behavior. It is an umbrella term for an assessment that analyzes the behavior of an individual at the workplace. And also under stress, depending upon the environment in which one has been.

Considering the unprecedented situation right now when everything is on a screen, and you cannot get to know people personally, it comes off as a challenge to leaders on how well they can coordinate with their team without being in the same room.

Everything DiSC Catalyst defines the modern-day working model in an entirely incredible way. It provides you with a user-friendly platform that acts as your tour guide from head to toe- not just for yourself but your team as well, which introduces the basics of DiSC from its origin and applications.

It brings unconventional wisdom and knowledge along with well-facilitated sessions at the tips of your fingers, just a click away. Beginners need not worry as the process is as effortless and readily understood as it should be.

Getting started, participants would come across a series of questions to answer as their reflex suggests, which should take 20-30 mins, with no right or wrong answers. It is an expectation from every individual to give their spontaneous reactions to these questions that lands you straight at the homepage, which reflects a basic outline of your DiSC style. You can either choose to listen to it in the form of a podcast or download a PDF report to learn more about your distinctive style.

It lets you view the content divided into further segments- starting with your DiSC style, where you get to learn about the DiSC map and read an elaborative narrative of yourself. With this self-analyzing program, you will meet yourself in a way you have not before.

In addition to that, you will also be able to see specific cards for each of your associates flashing their DiSC style and highlighting a few pointers to help you understand their personality better. This way, you get to meet your colleagues virtually like you would at a coffee table or during lunch breaks. You can search for people or sort them according to your preferences and filters. Hence, eliminating the element of losing out on the opportunity to get to know people with who you work.

What else could be a better way to replace those watercooler conversations that we all miss with our colleagues!

Lastly, you get to access the Agile EQ section which is nothing but the icing on the cake. It is a tailor-made classroom learning session where you understand the emotional and reciprocal requirements of multiple situations. And your reactions align accordingly. It would be the first step on your empowering journey to be quicker on the uptake.

Catalyst parodies the elephant in the room meant for learners. The result is an emotionally intelligent workforce that can support your thriving agile culture. It is a complete package that gets you covered from head to toe when it comes to behavioral learning programs. Catalyst is an amalgamation of DiSC results of a candidate, individualized facts, and the ability to compare.



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