40% of companies with 5000 employees use personality tests. Why are personality tests on the rise?

How Important is Everything DiSC Assessment in India?

Let us look at some of the global statistics that point out the significance of personality tests. In the Global business market, the personality assessment of employees is highly competitive. However, only a few companies provide time-tested and scientific personality assessments. In the last two years, companies with more than 5000 employees are increasingly engaging in personality tests to assess the capabilities of their workforce. Nearly 40% of these companies utilize these tests in the recruitment, screening, onboarding, training, and handling of employee management. In India specifically, behavioral psychometric tests such as the DiSC personality assessment is increasingly used by several high-profile companies. The assessment reduces the risk of recruiting somebody who is not the right fit for the company.
Why Do You Need DiSC?

In the traditional interview process, it is challenging to gauge the right personality of the employees in most cases, as people do not provide an accurate picture of themselves. A DiSC personality assessment can help you understand the behavior of an individual and judge their abilities to relate to others in a dynamic work environment.

Why are Personality Tests like the DiSC on the Rise?

A recent article by Forbes stated that personality tests had been used by big corporations for decades. It is mainly used in the hiring process, although in recent times, it has found relevance in other business areas. This personality test helps in the decision-making process and analyzes the leadership qualities during manager recruitment. For example, the DiSC Assessment in India revolves around four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. It is a powerful tool that provides insights into the personality style of an individual. It also helps individuals to analyze the personalities of other people they encounter to connect better and make fast decisions. These are essential for leadership qualities, skill-based activities, and the overall development of an individual.
DiSC Assessments in Pre-Hire and Post-Hire Scenario

DiSC Assessments in Pre-Hire and Post-Hire Scenario

The DiSC personality assessment in India has proved beneficial for both pre-hire and post-hire processes. It has been a valuable tool for assessing the future relationship of the candidate with the organization. These are some of the benefits of this assessment tool.

  1. Cultural Fit - Every company has a unique culture and value system. An external candidate becoming a part of any organization may cause disruptions in the company culture. A personality test helps provide insight into the compatibility of the candidate in a changing business scenario. Mapping out the personality traits will assist the company in avoiding employee turnover and align the candidate with the company’s core values.
  2. Match Role Requirements - The role requirements cannot be explained in black-and-white. It requires extra capabilities by way of communication techniques and assessing behavior in the workplace. It provides an extra burden on HR teams to understand potential candidate behaviors in real-life situations. Personality tests are used to evaluate how the candidate would react and behave in certain conflicting and critical conditions.
  3. Reducing Costs and Time - The DiSC personality assessment tool is cost-effective and makes the best use of available time and resources. It provides the best-fit candidates to the organizations who can build long-term relationships with the company. It extends the HR responsibilities of scouting for talent that goes beyond the academic qualification boundaries.
  4. Performance Management - In the post-hire scenario, these personality assessments are used to manage the performance of the candidates by monitoring and assessing their day-to-day behavior and job engagement. Managers use this information to schedule one-on-one meetings with their teams and understand the real intent to align their team members with the right training program.


Personality assessment tools are crucial for a growing business to sustain competitive advantage. However, buying an assessment tool is not the only solution to this issue; the management needs to use these insights in a more effective and conducive manner. Further, don’t forget to take expert opinions while utilizing insights from the personality assessment tool.


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