DiSC Workplace Assessment

Importance of Quality Communication in Building High Performing Teams

Quality communication is a key to quality leadership and the heart of any high-performing team. The need for clear, quality, and open communication for high-performance teams has increased year by year.

If the structure and procedures are the base foundation of a high-performance team, then quality, clear and open communication is the roof. Clear and honest communication between the team members plays a very important role in maintaining a good working relationship and in improving the team’s productivity.

We usually believe that management is the backbone of a high-performance team but we cannot ignore the importance of effective communication. It is like a thread that binds all the team members together, if we cut the thread then all the members will get dispersed.

Effective communication helps in cultivating a favorable workplace environment and boosts the productivity of the employees for delivering their best or beyond their roles and responsibilities.

For improving the quality of the communication process with others, it is important to be aware of your own communication style and others as well so that you are able to adapt to the different communication styles of others.

How a person likes to communicate in a given situation depends on the various factors and elements. There are many factors that may influence the process of communication, such as - eye contact, body language, tone or pitch of your voice, your gesture, and facial expression, these are examples of verbal and non-verbal communication.

We all must have experienced once in our life that these factors helped us in the communication process. For example, if you are talking to your friends and they are looking away somewhere else, then you would get the feeling of ignorance or that they are bored and not interested in what you are communicating to them. In another scenario, if you are talking to someone and in between the conversation they raise their eyes, it clearly shows that they are listening and excited or shocked (depending on the topic of the conversation) what you said to them.

In an organization, understanding the communication style of your team members will help you to lead and manage the team successfully. A high-performing team also goes through various development stages, and at some point, it reaches where conflicts arise and disagreements happen due to different opinions of team members. That’s where you need to know the communication and behavioral style of an individual to know what motivates him/her and what gives them the stress.

Want to know how to understand the behavior and communication style of your high-performing team?

The Everything DiSC Workplace assessment focuses on the individual workplace priorities, stressors, and motivators as well as those of others. The DiSC Workplace assessment is a perfect tool to assess the personal development of an individual. The result of this assessment will help an individual in enhancing communication and a better understanding of both self and others.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile focuses on:

1. Your DiSC Style
2. Others’ DiSC® Styles
3. Building Effective Relationships
4. Priorities and Strengths
5. Stressors and Motivators
6. Effective communication

Once you are aware of your own DiSC workplace style and others, you will be able to manage your team in a better and more productive manner.

To learn and explore more about how Everything DiSC workplace assessment helps in improving the quality of communication in high-performing teams regardless of role and position and in building more effective relationships at work, explore our Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and read more about it on our website and connect with an Authorized Partner today.


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