Why Big Businesses and Startups Need Psychometric Tools?

Understanding the DiSC Personalities- The Winner, The Enthusiast, The Peacekeeper, and The Analyst

The first half of 2022 saw a higher attrition rate of 20.3% compared to 2020, which is said to increase in the coming years. However, in 2023 as experts have predicted, there will be lower jobs and greater unemployment. People now want a better work-life balance, which motivates them to take up positions at a lower salary. Therefore, even if there is a recession, it won't hold back employees with skills to seek greener pastures.

Companies need to understand the psychology of their employees during recruitment or before assigning a role or project to an individual. The question, therefore, arises of how you can read an employee's mind. It is relatively easy in the business sector because you have a psychometric tool called the DiSC which can profile your personality and behavior in the workplace. The DiSC profile reduces chaos and disorganization in work environments, providing a peaceful and happy atmosphere that is conducive to productivity.

The Economic Times published an online article regarding how start-ups and big businesses use psychometric tests to understand a potential candidate. Companies are now taking a step forward in the interview process by profiling candidates and delving deep into their minds to understand their creative streak. Another focus is on the candidate's culture and values to fulfill the objectives of the company. India has already seen significant growth in start-ups, but sustaining the business in a changing atmosphere has been challenging. Hence, more companies are using the DiSC Personality Assessment to read minds by understanding a person's behavior and culture that will suit the company.

A Quick Insight into Various DiSC Personalities

A Quick Insight into Various DiSC Personalities

  1. The Winner D - The people who belong to this style are motivated to gain success and are highly competitive. They are always action-oriented and accept challenges. They are also outspoken and driven by their values and goals. They love to question everything to understand and compete.
  2. Di - The first variation in the style are dynamic personalities who use their charm to influence others. However, they are impatient and can manipulate, leading to conflicts.
  3. DC - These personalities are creative and determined to influence others with high standards. However, they can be sarcastic and have a condescending attitude.
  4. The Enthusiasts I - These personalities want social recognition and concentrate on building relationships. They fear disapproval from others and also value counseling.
  5. iD - The first variation in the style has high energy, and the goal is to become popular. However, they can be overdramatic and can lose friendships quickly. They seek out opportunities and take action.
  6. iS - These people are agreeable and empathetic towards others. The leadership style mainly pertained to having a supportive attitude toward their peers.
  7. The Peacekeeper S- These people prioritize collaboration between employees and are patient and calm.
  8. Si - The first variation consists of well-liked people with a team spirit. They encourage their team members to work harder towards a goal. The leadership qualities are mainly being a patient and supportive colleague.
  9. SC - These people let others lead. They are open-minded and fair and take others' opinions into view before making any decisions.
  10. Analyst C - As the name suggests, the individuals belonging to this DiSC profile are motivated to learn and study everything. They are diplomatic and aim to be accurate regarding predictions or making decisions.
  11. CS - These individuals have a goal to become stable and fear ambiguity. They like to work in a calm environment and lead by being modest and fair-minded.
  12. CD - These individuals question everything, and they are independent leaders. However, they can also be insensitive toward their colleagues.


The DiSC Personality Assessment and the DiSC profile will give you insights into your personality type, strengths, weaknesses, and other behavioral traits. It will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and utilize them to optimize your leadership styles. Starting a business in India is always a good idea; sustaining it is a different process. The DiSC Personality Assessment will make it easier for you to grab the right candidate quickly.


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