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Excellent Ideas to Maintain a Great Company Culture While

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world and transformed everything around us. In such a condition, you as a manager might be facing some challenges too. Your team must be apart but given the stress and challenges, they may need your support and guidance at every step.

Without the correct guidance and communication, it can become difficult for the team to perform better. This is where strong company culture is significant, but how to maintain one?

Here, in the article, you will know some ideas to help your team and the organization to maintain a great culture amid COVID-19.  

5 excellent ideas to maintain company culture while working remotely:

Initiate an Employee Assistance Program

A program that can provide confidential counselling services to help your team with challenges related to work, family, stress, finances, and other personal or professional problem can be helpful. This can help employees to confidently share their problems without any fear. You can then check on them and give your inputs to keep their anxieties controlled.

A monthly game night

The best and fun way to keep your team engaged is to fix a day like Friday for a game night. This can help your people remain energetic, engaged, and enthusiastic. On the other hand, it can help to foster great relationships and also build rapport. You can discuss this with your teams and ask them for their availability for this fun game session.

Birthday shout-outs

The best here you can do is to celebrate your team member’s birthday virtually. Choose zoom meetings for keeping everyone available to shower their wishes. A happy birthday song vibes and the happiness on your team member’s face can be joyful. This can be a great motivation for all and the beginning of a feeling of acceptance.

Midweek meditation

The best way to start off a day is to meditate and exercise. You can also do that with your team to keep them engaged. Mid week sessions can be great. It is a great way to keep everyone together even when miles apart. So, start initiating this practice to maintain a good company culture. 

Improve communication

One of the obstacles right now is effective communication. For keeping your team high-spirited and engaged, it is important to maintain communication with them. Try the following strategies to improve communication to help build your remote culture:

Develop a company-wide newsletter: Share happenings, achievements, and goals of different departments to bring the entire organization together.

Send a survey for feedback: Giving this opportunity to the team can help you know how to improve the current culture.

Leverage the right technology: Equip your team with appropriate hardware, and real-time chat applications to make communication easier.


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