Personal Development

Building High Performers From Talented Individuals

Journey of becoming an efficient, vigorous, and rewarding teammate towards crafting a structure for setting up cohesive teams.

The Human body is made up of abundant cells, where each cell is just as significant. A group of cells that have similar structures and functions, combine to form a tissue. Further, these issues combine to form organs and organ systems, whose integrated activity is responsible for the functioning and growth of the human body.

Similarly, an organization consists of an ample number of employees with a specific job role and individual importance to the organization. These employees are put into teams as per their job roles, and together their integrated activities give rise to systems of responsibilities for the survival and growth of an organization.

Now that we know that Today’s organizations are working beyond a single team, we need to equip individual employees to create cohesive teams quickly to fetch efficient results. Teamwork begins at the discrete stage. But in this contemporary workplace, how can you prepare employees to quickly be coherent and present results?

This is where your one-stop solution comes into play. 

The Five Behaviors Personal Development profile is composed to remodel your behaviours and create a common language that redefines what it means to work collectively. 

This uncomplicated yet compelling model helps you to expand and evolve your skills to establish more conventionally reliable teams in the form of custom-built, classroom training which can help heighten the experience.

The experience teaches way more than incorporation or dispute management. participants discover the foundational principles to subdue the common roadblocks that can make efficient teamwork difficult.

Personal Development is an all-pervasive program created particularly for people who may or may not be from the same team.

The objective of “The Five Behavior Personal Development” is to infuse organizations with a culture of teamwork by harnessing the power of PATRICK LENCIONI’s model, one Team and one person at a time.

Its emphasis on the established five behaviours and believes that truly cohesive, teams must:

  • TRUST one another
  • Engage in CONFLICT around ideas
  • COMMIT to decisions
  • Hold one another ACCOUNTABLE
  • Focus on achieving collective RESULTS

The Five Behaviour Personal Development Profile infuses organizations with a culture of teamwork by harnessing the power of Patrick Lencioni’s model, one team and one person at a time. As a result, it enables a culture focused on collaboration and results.

There are four parts to the process of this tool which cover, an assessment, a comprehensive profile report, an optional classroom experience, and follow-up tools, in a form of a complete learning journey for an individual.

To reveal the well-defined and customized perspicacity for becoming more productive as a team member, participants begin with a concise assessment that consolidates computer-adaptive testing and advanced algorithms.

The outcomes are explicated into a strong, tailored contour.


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