the five behaviors of a cohesive team

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We are all now accustomed to the growing saturation at the workplace and in the hybrid setting due to the current pandemic. Things have drastically changed for each one of us. Both the privileged and underprivileged have suffered equally. And organizations are looking for team building training to fulfil their needs and requirements to create a sustainable future for themselves and their people.

Employees are not only evaluating how their company handled the epidemic from a people standpoint, but they are also determining if their company’s future work standards meet their demands. Indeed, according to a recent Microsoft study, more than 40% of the worldwide workforce would be willing to leave their job this year.

Five Ways to Lower Employee Stress by Team Building Training

  1. Provide additional PTO and mental health days
  2. Provide flexibility of work
  3. Connect with colleagues beyond work
  4. Arrange listening sessions with the leaders
  5. Give them training opportunities

You can assess how well-positioned your firm is to negotiate this shift toward a more people-centred culture by looking at where it sits on these five benefits. That can easily be evaluated through team-building training. You can better identify how to move ahead to lessen employee stress during hiring as well as keep outstanding talent if you know where you are today.

Over the previous year, most people have seen a significant shift in their work/life balance, and this trend is expected to continue.

Our research discovered a substantial link between work/life balance satisfaction and stress levels. The less stressed you are, the happier you are with your work/life balance, and vice versa.

Or you’re probably wondering, “OK, so what shall I do differently to keep my people motivated?”

“Shall I create a people-centred culture?”

These are important questions. But it’s also important to find their solutions and bring a substantial change to your organization.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Team Building Training?

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is an assessment-based learning program that teaches teams how to become more productive and cohesive. Teams learn how to increase cooperation by using The Five Behaviors model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

Vulnerability-based trust is defined as the cornerstone of cooperation in the Five Behaviors concept. Successful teams must have complete trust in one another and communicate openly. This is especially critical for virtual teams with little face-to-face connection.

The team discovered that discussing personal and professional accomplishments and disappointments helped them exercise vulnerability-based trust and that they could do it both in-person and online. They were able to appreciate the value that each member offered to the team by connecting on a deeper level and creating empathy, which drove them to work together more successfully.

Learn how to use a proactive strategy to engage your team members and foster a positive work environment with Wiley’s The Five Behaviors Team Development program today


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