Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love to do

Communication is an important part of any business environment. It creates a hassle-free transfer of knowledge, emotions, and the data required to work in order. Playing team-building games can be a fun way to learn new skills and better interactions along with an ice breaker that is much needed, especially in the back-to-office scenario.

To increase productivity and improve the chemistry in your team, try organizing these activities for your team:

  1. Active listener – This game requires your team to sit in a group where one of the team members is required to deliver a speech or a random story filled with jargon. Employees can also tell an experience and can add fun elements as per their choice. The catch here is to insert important sentences related to a theme picked at the beginning. Other members of the team have to listen actively and spot those important sentences. This helps in increasing your listening skills along with an increase in alertness. 
  2. Office Trivia – Office Trivia is another great exercise that can increase communication, comfort, and knowledge about the company. This requires you to prepare questions and facts about the company. It can be related to the company’s history, people in power, designation, etc. The member giving the maximum number of right answers wins. 
  3. Cultural Celebration Parties – Employees can hold office parties or informal lunches to know each other better. Make it a point that people should talk outside the daily office topics and connect with each other on a personal level. This will help employees align their personal goals and likings with others. 
  4. Office debates – This is another great way to establish relationships and help employees open up with each other. You can assign topics or make a box of topics that people can pick themselves and speak against or for it. 
  5. Potluck – Organizing a potluck that will encourage employees to cook and bring something for the tea can be very engaging and fun. Potluck means that every person needs to cook a dish of their choice of some quality and bring it to the table. You can keep a theme encouraging people to make certain kinds of dishes. 
  6. Show and Tell – This is a game very popular in western countries. This activity encourages people to bond with each other through their past stories. In this game, an employee is supposed to bring one important or memorable possession that he or she has. Then, they are supposed to tell the story as to why that article is important to them. This is a really great team-building exercise that can encourage open communication in the team. 
  7. Indoor games – Indoor games like dumb charades and hangman can be a great way to know and gel up with each other in a team. Divide your team into two groups and give them tasks accordingly. People can also choose to form smaller groups and conduct activities within those groups along with interchanging team members regularly.

When it comes to team building, it might look like a humongous task that involves a lot of energy. But in reality, it can be fun and games if you do it the right way.


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