Getting to Know the New Kid on the Block: ChatGPT, The Fastest-growing App of all Time

The most important question to ask here is whether ChatGPT or AI helps a business to make money. Let's first understand what ChatGPT is and its benefits and weaknesses. This is a new conversational chatbot that uses AI to provide prompt responses to any questions being asked. Many have written that it is a natural language processor that uses artificial intelligence to talk like a human being and converse with any customer or business executive. This model can also write emails and essays and also generate a code. However, many hackers are trying to get in and steal information through this model, which needs to be protected. A business person's concern is whether the model can talk like a human being and help customers.

ChatGPT or AI

Artificial intelligence is an ability of a computer or any machine to perform tasks just like any other human being using its intelligence or technology in this case. There are different kinds of artificial intelligence when it comes to conversational chatbots. ChatGPT or AI lacks many aspects, which include:

  1. ChatGPT sometimes writes incorrect sentences, which can be nonsensical, and fixing them can be challenging. Sometimes understanding the sentence and going to the root cause of it provides no truth, as the answer depends on what the model knows. Training the model can cause delays and lesser use of sentences, increasing the risk of providing wrong information.

  2. ChatGPT or AI does not fulfill a human being's desire to talk to another person and get questions answered. It does not create a rewarding experience for the customer or a long-term relationship with the company. The human touch is required for customer service or making a deal.

  3. Chatbots using artificial intelligence use the same language repeatedly and sometimes the exact words, which can become a little redundant.

Can These Models Make Money?

Can These Models Make Money?

While talking about making money, ChatGPT vs. AI, like many new conversational tools, is becoming a big deal. However, it can be as dangerous as other artificial intelligence, which can think like a human.

When ChatGPT was launched, it had more than 1 million users in just five days, and it is known as the fastest-growing app of all time.

This is free, and it was released in November 2022 and provides other chat services to companies using customer websites. The main benefit of this model is its intelligence and fluidity. That researches every answer to give a reaction. Even while using trick questions, the model can detect and avoid ambiguity by answering the question with facts. For many, it is a risk as it can increase malware and phishing attacks by making it more sophisticated. These models are also less controlled and can be used by anyone who can hack the system. For businesses, intense training in these models is required to replace any customer service executive. However, it is recommended that the human touch regarding customer service is more important than using chatbots, which should only be utilized when too many customers are lined up.


ChatGPT or AI is an incredible innovation that can reduce the workload for every business person. And when it comes to making money through customer service and getting loyalty, it does not solve the purpose as it does not create the human touch required to increase interpersonal relationships. It is recommended that artificial intelligence is used to provide limited information to customers. At the same time, human beings can trade in communication skills to provide a better understanding of the products and services to create lifelong customers.


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