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How Can Coaching Certification Be Advantageous For Your organization?

As the times have changed, there has been a paradigm shift in the working sector wherein industries have now begun to acknowledge the profound impact that Coaching as a profession has made in the lives of millions! The true power of a professional coach lies in the enhanced depth of commitment towards the success of its trainee. Due to the significant change, it has made in the work environment by improving workplace morale, the importance of coaching certification has increased enormously.

Coaches have to ensure that their coaching credentials are accredited through the standards set by the coaching training program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Why is a coaching certification important for a professional coach?

By 2020, post-secondary education and training requirements will be increased to 65%, stated a report from the Center on Education and the Workforce of Georgetown University.

All across the globe, there has been growing awareness of the skills gap that is evident right after completing education and entering the workforce. An educational degree without work experience is nothing but an untapped reservoir of latent knowledge and potential that does not know the proper implementation.

The point is, that classroom learning, and practical on-ground work skills are different halves of a circle with minutes overlapping in terms of learning and exposure. Thus, it brings in the importance of certification and credentials of a professional coach that can tap into these potentials and pave the way for individuals to become successful professionals.

In 2014, ICF conducted a Consumer Awareness Study, the findings of which state that employees who have been trained under a certified or accredited coach are 15% more likely to recommend coaching services to others. Furthermore, around 83% of individuals who have participated in a coaching program believe that it is highly important for a coach to possess a certification or credential to establish its legitimacy. Although, freelancers and independent skilled practitioners do not require coaching certification before offering coaching services. However, research has proved that coaching certifications have added immense value and benefits to the coaching industry.

Reasons for obtaining accredited coaching certification:

Coaching certification makes you a diverse and dynamic coach: By undergoing rigorous training, extensive practice, and working closely with a mentor coach will make you a more diverse, all-rounder, and dynamic leader who has acquired new techniques to handle any situation effectively. These training programs ensure that you are better equipped with proven tools, methodologies, and research that refines the art of coaching and enables you to master the skills.

Coaching certification establishes the legitimacy of your profession: What makes you stand out from the crowd is the legitimacy that defines your client base, the authenticity of the work you do, and the verification of your services. These certifications not only speak for the work and skills you possess but also build your reputation by making you a trusted and well-known expert. As this profession continues to grow, the demand to achieve expert coaching and legitimacy is the key to growing your reach and being recognized in the field. Receiving accredited training from companies will help you achieve the highest standards and impeccable credibility that the profession has to offer.

Coaching certification gets you a step closer to a larger community of prolific coaches that support you through your journey: To lead a purposeful life, it is essential to understand that we only rise by lifting others. In a professional world, it is as important to establish connections, expand your reach, and be a part of a community as it is to become a successful professional. Every profession has its challenges and to overcome these barriers or roadblocks, it is only the professional community that can restore your reputation through their constant support in your endeavors. There is no one better than the community of the same profession to understand your struggles, and issues and help you in any situation. Hence, it is of paramount importance to have the support of your professional community to help you overcome hurdles and help you stay updated in your professional industry.

Coaching certification provided by BYLD: At BYLD, three fundamental coaching services are provided by Door Training & Consulting India Pvt Ltd (DTCI)

Executive Coaching,
Performance Coaching, and
Coaching Certification

DTCI coaching academy is accredited by International Coach Federation for 60 hours of rigorous coaching with its affiliation with Aster Coaching. These trainings are divided into two modules imparting expert coach training for professionals.


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