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How Does Assessment for Learning Enhance Leadership Training?

Any organization's powerhouse is its leaders. They are the foundation of an organization that allows it to succeed by attaining its objectives. Leaders that stay relevant to changing times and adapt to varied work contexts are more effective. Managers and leaders improve themselves through leadership training, which alters the work dynamics of an organization by assisting people in rising through the corporate ranks and excelling in their fields. Here’s how BYLD helps you in understanding the importance of assessment for learning for leadership training.

Why are Assessments for Learning Important?

During the learning and training process, Assessments for Learning, a BYLD unique service, evaluates an employee's grasp and understanding of any skill or course. A business is only as powerful as its employees. Psychometric assessments are preferred by businesses of all sizes for fostering the right workplace culture across all the levels of organizational hierarchy.

What is BYLD’s Assessment for Learning in Leadership Training?

To debrief the assessment, design an individual growth plan, and start making progress on that plan, we usually accompany our evaluations with one-on-one coaching:

The frequency with which SLII leadership behaviors are used is measured.

Leadership Behavior Analysis

Measures the adaptability and effectiveness of a leader's style; accessible in a Self version as part of the normal SLII participant materials as well as a 360-degree format.

The 360° Booth

Provides 360-degree feedback to managers and individual contributors; the Booth 360 tests cover a wider range of leadership abilities than Blanchard-owned assessments, which are often centered on the skills covered in a specific program (for example, LAPII with SLII).

Frontline Leaders Assessment:

The goal of this assessment is to determine your abilities in twelve different areas and leadership dimensions.

DiSC Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) test measures a person's ability to perceive, comprehend, and manage emotions. It manifests itself in our daily activities and interactions with others.

To help you understand the following emotional intelligence concepts, here’s a slight overview of the program:

  • Identifying the Levels of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognizing the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • Examining the spectrum of emotions

  • Make your EQ learning plan.

  • Putting your strategy into action

  • Examining the patterns of negative and positive self-talk

  • Rewrite your self-defeating inner monologue

  • Identifying the function of your emotions in conflict

  • Six sources of wisdom are discussed when it comes to brain change tactics.

  • Learning self-awareness and social awareness practices, as well as controlling your emotions and relationships

  • Examining your actions when you are experiencing both positive and negative emotions

  • Leaning into your discomfort by committing to observe one emotion

It's a cutting-edge professional development tool that allows employees to assess their personalities by providing plain, jargon-free information. The goal of this assessment for learning is to optimize organizations by enhancing their employee performance.

Lumina Spark ensures that each individual with their own Lumina Mandala explains their major strengths and vulnerabilities in the most straightforward manner possible, assisting employees in identifying and working on their positive and bad attributes, as well as unlocking superior business benefits.

It aids employees in becoming more influential with external clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, as well as developing more amicable work connections that improve their workplace culture.

Why should you choose BYLD's Leadership Training and Development Program?

BYLD's influencing training program improves effectiveness and efficiency. Our Six Sources of Influence program equips leaders to adapt their leadership styles to the workplace environment, allowing employees to adjust to their leadership dynamics through our leadership training:

Influencer Program Advantages:

1. Learn how to identify the source of an issue.

2. Identify high-leverage activities and develop ways to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Use effective leadership methods to motivate and empower others.

4. Utilize the Six Sources of Influence to force organizational transformation.

Instil stress management, critical and analytical thinking, and improved decision-making skills in your staff by inspiring them to overcome obstacles and become future business leaders, to test a demo for leadership training and assessment for learning, and get in touch with our subject matter experts today.


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