eLearning Portal and Organizational Development

How eLearning Portal is Upskilling Employees in an Organization?

The golden rule of staying competitive in a corporate organization is to keep upskilling yourself. It is, in fact, the mandatory requirement for any individual who wants to achieve exceptional professional results. Due to this, the eLearning portal has become hugely popular among corporate entities for upskilling. These platforms offer employees flexibility in learning things at their own pace and at any time. With these online learning platforms, organizations don’t have to schedule important lectures, seminars, or training sessions repeatedly according to their workforce requirements.

Because these learning materials and resources are available in a central repository where eligible people can access them effortlessly. Also, these learning platforms are in sync with the latest corporate requirements and tools to train employees effectively for organizational development and growth. Below are the various reasons that explain the importance of online training and learning platforms for an organization.

  1. Offers Flexibility in Learning: Employees love when they have the option to learn things at their own pace rather than being forced to participate in training programs beyond their comfort levels and availability. This complacency affects their work and makes them resistant to professional training programs. However, this is not the case with an eLearning portal. It allows participants to attend learning sessions from anywhere in the world.


  2. Affordable and Custom-made: Traditional training programs or classroom sessions involving a physical teacher require considerable cost and are difficult to customize based on the changing corporate requirements. However, online learning portals are more cost-effective as it requires a one-time setup cost for maintaining the centralized database of learning materials. There is no need for recurrent payments while organizing a learning session repeatedly for your workforce.


  3. Promotes Interactive and Collaborative Learning: The old classroom model of teacher-student learning is not appealing anymore as participants now seek substantial interaction with their tutor. With the emergence of online learning solutions, people can quickly build interactions while learning professionally in a fun and interactive manner. It also forges better workplace collaboration and plays a crucial role in organizational development.


  4. Ensures a Standard Structure of Learning: Times are changing rapidly, and it is challenging to maintain sync with the latest trends, technologies, and tools in the corporate environment. It is where the eLearning portal has proved to be a blessing in disguise as it offers a standardized learning experience for all. Companies can easily maintain all their data, shared resources, and work collaboration tools on one platform for hassle-free online sharing and access.


  5. Provides a Better ROI and Team Performance: The main aim of upskilling employees is to prepare them for upcoming challenges in the workplace. Further, online training is seen as an indispensable part of organizational development as it encourages employees to learn new things for their professional growth. With on-time training assistance and support, employees can perform better and improve their productivity in a team. It will further help a business in higher growth, better ROI, and more revenue.


  6. Helps in Better Team Performance and Productivity: Every big or small organization should take adequate steps toward employees’ upskilling to help them integrate better into a dynamic workplace environment. To achieve this critical task, the eLearning portal can be a good start in this direction. It trains employees and equips them with in-demand skills to boost team performance and productivity.


  7. Gives Access to Measurable Results: The purpose of online training is to upskill employees and evaluate their performance rationally. Further, organizations would like to invest their time and money in online training only if they can get measurable results. The ability of the Learning Management System (LMS) to offer timely evaluation in the form of quizzes, assignments, and other exercises also works in their favour. In this way, they help in seamless employee assessment to analyze their contribution towards organizational development and growth.


Due to the above reasons, it is hard to ignore the importance and impact of online training and upskilling in a corporate environment. It is high time that organizations and HR departments start emphasizing eLearning portals and encourage their workforce to undertake online training. So, get enrolled in online training platforms and become a part of competitive work culture.


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