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How have Corporate Training Companies Utilized E-learning Portals?

Have you ever felt like there is room for you to grow and develop your abilities? When you're expected to complete a task, you start to feel incompetent, and this feeling of incompetence becomes a deep-seated one that you can't seem to shake. If you've experienced this at least once in your life, chances are your subordinates have as well, which is why you should make corporate training available to them!

Even if you haven't had any problems at work, there's no reason not to look into corporate training companies. The most crucial question to ask yourself is whether your employer empowers you and provides you with the abilities you require, or do you need to develop those yourself? Here’s how BYLD can help you answer that question.

Why are Corporate Training Companies the Need of the Hour?

Employees of an organization would want to stay in a firm that chooses to invest in their growth and bring value to their lives, so corporate training companies are essential in the current day during the virtual phase.

86% of millennials would be kept from leaving their current position if their employer offered training and development.

Several firms began a trend of virtual training sessions during the pandemic. Individuals or in-group members are instructed to harness their skills and develop professionally. This trend has accelerated over time, as more and more people see the importance of training, renovating, and redefining their professional responsibilities.

The upcoming generation has noticed a wide skill gap from completing their education to on-job training. To level up with the intricacies and demands of their career, they constantly need to upskill themselves to function at higher-level positions. 

Old and rigid practices no longer work in today’s world. With the advent of newer avenues being created in the professional sphere, corporate training companies invest in their employee’s development to move towards their goal of success through digitally accessible means like e-learning portals.

Around 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. 

The next generation has noticed a significant skill gap from their education through on-the-job training. Employees must constantly upskill themselves to function at greater levels to keep up with the complexities and demands of their profession. In today's society, old and strict techniques are no longer effective. With the emergence of innovative paths in the professional sector, corporate training companies develop their employees to achieve their success goals.

Employees who are disengaged and uninterested will cost you money in human resources! Did you know that making a new hire takes an average of 27 business days? Imagine losing a job and having a significant amount of work piling up while an employee is away.

How can BYLD Help you with an E-learning Portal?

On average, just around 1% of the workweek is devoted to workplace training and development! As BYLD, we believe that organizations and employers must maximize training time while also attaining the best possible results through the e-learning portal and utilize the services of corporate training companies to bridge the gap between education and on-the-job skill requirements.

In terms of e-learning testimonies, according to LinkedIn's Workplace Learning Report, a staggering 94% consider these e-learning training programs to be an investment in their growth and are more inclined to stay with an employer who meets that requirement.

We offer e-learning portals ideally with their target audience, making them the most sought-after commodity in the workplace for their growth.


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