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Learn how Psychometric Assessments and Coaching Certifications are transforming organizations

Have you ever wondered the implication of an organization that does not try to assess the psychological makeup of an employee? That organization will never be able to optimize its workforce towards success as it does not identify the skillset or the unique makeup of the individual’s personality trait. What will eventually happen? The organization will not be able to distinguish the individuals with their intrinsic motivation and core strengths but rather weigh them as per the output they provide. With the services provided by BYLD, here’s what you need to know to understand the gravity of these psychometric assessments. 

Why is Psychometric Assessment an important tool that companies must use?

While that is a common measure, it is gravely flawed in its approach as the company’s leaders are not adapting to a different leadership style that suits the personality type of an individual. It applies the same one-size-fits-all approach without recognizing that each individual is unique and has to be shaped differently. Here’s how BYLD provides psychometric assessments and coaching modules that also provide training and coaching certification to aspirants. 

Psychometric assessments have their range of reliability and validity as designed by the experts of industrial psychology, behaviourists, and psychological experts that make these assessments to provide deeper insights into the personality types and traits of an individual. These psychometric assessments help leaders and managers understand the individual’s personality and tailor their leadership styles and delivery in a way that provides them with an understanding through training and development. This further helps in enhancing their work performance and productivity.

If the organization uses these psychometric assessments as a part of its selection process, it makes the selection process free of individual bias and eliminates the translation of unfair practices and means to hire an employee. The organization can also assess whether the individual is the perfect fit for the organization. 

What are the Psychometric Assessments provided by BYLD?

There are various psychometric assessments provided by BYLD that are backed by 40 years of extensive research and are built by the hands of experts that have developed these assessments meticulously through research and development:

  • Everything DiSC Assessment
  • Lumina Spark Assessment
  • TalentSmart EQ Assessment
  • Assessments and Development Centers 
  • Frontline Leadership Assessment (LAPII and SPII)
  • The Booth 360 Feedback Mechanism

How does BYLD provide Coaching Certification?

BYLD provides accredited coaching certification through the following coaching program:

DTCI (Door Training and Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.) is a meticulous 3-tier approach to coaching executives at a national as well as a global level wherein the three practice areas as Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching and Coaching Certification as accredited by the International Coaching Federation for 60 hours of coach training through its affiliation with Aster Coaching. This coaching certification program is divided into three phases such as:

  • Enrolling in Developmental Group Workshops.
  • Engaging through Professional 3 Phase Coach Development Program.

  • Coach Engage: Coaching and Mentoring Management Software.

By helping the customers to achieve their professional, personal, and business development goals through the best coaching methodology, BYLD aims to create a synergy of ongoing learning and development processes that help create diverse coaches and leaders of tomorrow.  

After they have completed graduation, the graduated candidates can apply to these modules and programs to become ICF ACC Coach or acquire a PCC credential and obtain coaching certification. To know more about the coaching certification program.


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