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Make Corporate Learning Better with the Power of Experiential Learning

The power and the way forward to effective learning can be best summed up in the words of Benjamin Franklin,Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Whether in professional or personal life, one should not stop learning for better growth opportunities. This relentless passion for learning drives an individual towards perfection and mastery in any particular domain. Also, experiential learning is the latest learning technique that is hugely popular among business organizations. The ease of self-learning and better retention has earned it accolades from all business quarters within a short time.

Companies employing various training and coaching modules for their employees should make experiential learning an essential component of their leadership training programs. These learning programs are available in both online and offline formats to ensure complete flexibility for learners. To know more about the benefits of this unique learning method, let’s explore it further.

Experiential Learning - An Introduction

Unlike traditional learning, which involves passing information or knowledge from one person to another, experiential learning is about “learning by doing things” yourself. This learning method involves an individual and offers experience rather than teaching or giving instructions. Experiential learning gives participants exposure to real-world life scenarios and then facilitates learning by analyzing situational behavior. With this type of learning, participants can get access to immersive learning through the help of various activities, projects, work experiences, and problem-solving. This learning method has diverse uses and applications in several areas and domains. These are schools, colleges, simulation industrial training, fire and safety drills, field exercises, hands-on laboratory experiments, studio performances, and more.

Taking the corporate training a notch higher, BYLD, the authorized partner of Eagle’s Flight program in India, offers a result-driven experiential learning program for leadership training and development. It provides real-world business challenges to leaders and top hierarchy people to help them in decision-making, situational reaction, stress coping skills, and other traits.

Role of Experiential Learning in Leadership Training

Companies need leaders that can take their organization forward on the path of productivity, automation, and sustainability. Further, organizations should enroll their existing employees in leadership development and training programs. Experiential learning is one such learning program that can be useful in corporate training for businesses related to various domains. Let us discuss how this learning method benefits people who want to improve their leadership skills and productivity.

  1. Improves the Learning Process and Retention: Gone are the days when the corporate industry used to practice repetitive learning for higher learning retention. With the advancement of immersive technology, experiential learning has become the go-to medium for corporate training, leadership training, and development. As it requires personal involvement, learning becomes more fun, and retention is automatically improved.


  2. Eliminates the Difference Between Theory and Practical: People who have experienced traditional learning have often complained of not getting adequate practical learning experience. They have to rely on theoretical knowledge that poses serious challenges when they come face to face with real-life situations. However, there is no such scenario with experiential learning, as it gives optimum exposure to real-life problems and encourages a “learning by doing” approach. It immensely helps participants as they can easily relate to real-world situations and get hands-on experience before taking the plunge into reality.


  3. Facilitates Better Engagement and Team Work: One of the crucial aspects of good leadership skills is encouraging a culture of teamwork and a better workplace environment. Further, organizations with better productivity and business outcomes have attributed their success to extraordinary teamwork and collaboration. With the help of this learning by experience method, participants can achieve greater engagement levels and become good team players. Further, this learning method has added another skill set for people who want to improve their leadership skills through result-oriented leadership training and development programs.


  4. Offers Accurate Assessment Results: The efficacy of a learning and training program is evaluated based on its benefits, ROI, and business outcomes achieved. Compared to other traditional learning modules, experiential learning combines data and analytics with real-life simulation and gamification to offer a rich experience to participants. Further, this learning method analyzes how an individual behaves and works when exposed to similar real-life problems and improves problem-solving abilities.

Ending Notes

Times are changing rapidly, and business entities must employ new learning methods and techniques to ensure greater participation of their employees. By encouraging participants to learn by doing and experiencing things, learning has become more interactive and immersive. Make this learning technique an indispensable part of your leadership training programs and let your employees learn and flourish properly.


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