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Need Top Talent for your Company? Know How to Hire the Best on a Shoe-string Budget

Need Top Talent for your Company? Know How to Hire the Best on a Shoe-string Budget



The contemporary business sector is still reeling under the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. The pandemic has changed many trends in the work culture worldwide. Below are some significant business transformations caused by the worldwide pandemic situation.


  1. It has implemented work-from-home and e-commerce processes that have increased online traffic.
  2. Companies have also invested in using high-end technology to enhance service efficiency.
  3. Advanced technologies and other pandemic-related changes have enabled over 25% of workers to change occupations to find jobs according to their skill sets.
  4. Experts have provided several reports on the future of the workforce that focus on team development. The reports show that the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the processes and strategies.
  5. Innovative marketing operations are required in the business management sector.
  6. Eight countries, including China, France, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, and Germany, account for over 62% of the global GDP.

With all these trends, hiring and retaining skilled labor for your organization has become essential to overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic. Amidst all this, external agencies that provide staffing services to their online platforms have become a new trend in the changing business arena.


Problems Faced by Companies with Manpower Staffing


The business sector is increasingly facing manpower staffing issues related to skill-based labor, job retention, and behaviors associated with remote working. One of the main issues of manpower staffing is the high investment in technology that has ensured seamless working from diverse locations. Flexibility is key to the increased productivity of a company in the post-Covid business arena. The more flexibility, the more the ability to adapt. Job retention is also dependent on the satisfaction gained from the company. A survey found that employees were satisfied with their work during the pandemic, although most employers received an average ranking. Industry experts have opined that if companies want to keep their existing workforce, they need to analyze the evolving job expectations of their employees. Numerous staffing services provide training activities that can enhance the leadership capabilities of the management staff.


Employee satisfaction is not solely dependent on the salary; the work environment and the employer’s relationship with its employees are equally relevant. According to research, 29% of Generation Z individuals confessed that salary was the only factor in their engagement, while 49% admitted the opposite. To step up their game, most organizations introduced various programs and schemes to increase employee retention and engagement. Several organizations also provide skill-based training through staffing services companies to empower employees by giving them the required skill sets to tackle any work-related issue.


In the post-pandemic era, virtual teams have become an essential pillar for teamwork and operational processes. Virtual team management is a multi-faceted concept that includes many dimensions that focus on the geographical distribution of members and the ability to communicate through the Internet. However, research has shown that virtual teams lack communication skills compared to face-to-face groups. Further, in a virtual team, conflicts may escalate even more when there is no scope for reducing misinformation. In this case, many issues, including lack of motivation and rising conflicts, may arise concerning manpower staffing.


Tips to Overcome Problems in Manpower Staffing


  1. Clear and uninterrupted communication – The first and foremost tip is continuous communication, which can reduce conflicts and misinterpretations among team members. According to researchers, formalization of the team processes is one of the main factors in reducing issues related to manpower staffing.
  2. Define the goals and vision of the company – It is essential to clarify the company’s goals and image to the workers to ensure effective alignment. In this case, staffing services provided by external companies can be utilized to provide group training programs that can enhance effective communication skills.
  3. Foster a healthy work environment – A healthy work environment to boost employee engagement and retention requires building a trusting environment to enable employees to voice their opinions freely. Creating a workplace environment that can psychologically motivate employees to work harder towards their goals and support each other to build interpersonal relationships is critical.
  4. Encourage employees for team collaboration – In a post-Covid area, the social distancing of co-workers has increased, which reduced the ability of the worker to ask for help from other colleagues. Employees need to be open and bold when requesting help from their peers. This can be done by reducing any stigmatization and providing a sense of hope to the employees that the future looks promising for them.
  5. Promote practical employee training – Companies can utilize a variety of training programs face-to-face and virtually provided by external staffing services to train their employees. The company needs to maintain the quality of its candidates. Thus, it can also outsource its entire hiring process to external companies who can take care of its staffing needs. Outsourcing manpower needs has become a trend in the current corporate world. Further, screening candidates has become a specialized task requiring skills to select the right candidate for the job.




In the current post-pandemic era, companies must take care of their employees to get the best possible manpower services. To achieve this, organizations must strategize to reduce manpower staffing problems, including enhancing communication abilities, training their colleagues, and also providing a trusting corporate atmosphere.

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