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Not making the best out of your Virtual Meetings? Probably you’re missing this!

As the whole world is at a standstill due to COVID-19, we are all working remotely. Meetings are the only way to connect to our teammates and co-workers. However, just having the idea of a virtual meeting arises many challenges which are coupled with various work-from-home constraints, inability to work peacefully, miscommunications, and whatnot.

Let us throw some light on some useful tips to make your meetings engaging:

  1. Before holding a meeting, it is necessary to ask others to suggest an agenda, which will promote relevance but also increases ownership & engagement. It is essential to have an agenda in hand to keep the meetings running at a smoother pace. If you do not have it, probably cancel it. It is just a waste of everyone’s time and effort.

  • The situation like unproductive workplace communication, which is a major drawback, a personality assessment such as Everything DiSC Workplace®can be of great help. Knowing your DiSC style and of others help to adapt your style of communication and also the meeting structure. And you can take advantage of it even while the lockdown is on. Our assessments are available online and can be availed for small to large teams irrespective of geographical limitations.

This will also help you to know before that who needs extra time and who likes to make decisions quickly.This way, proper planning of the information and conversation will be achieved.

The work style depiction shows that not everyone is unique. An individual with an iD style may need a detailed agenda but like to have interesting discussions with co-workers. Nothing can beat the knowledge of the work styles of the individuals who are participating in meetings. Who tends to be enthusiastic? who is doubtful? who will run in to present his views and all? In such a way, their working style will be identified and a better understanding will be

DiSC® assessments help in:

  • Understandingeach other’s priorities
  • Capitalizing on strengths
  • Locating pain points
  • Evaluating weaknesses

You will be able to understand your co-workers better and appreciate them in the
the manner you had not thought of earlier.

Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment is important not only for team building. But for hiring, retaining good talent and framing strategizing around the organization and its cultural transformation. DiSc assessments and training are used by leading 500 fortune companies across the world.


Meetings are in fact where your teams and people are learning how they should behave and work. You just need to set up a system that your team can use smoothly to help make your organization succeed. Coordination and understanding of the value of time can also fulfil the need of running a successful meeting.

Seamless virtual meetings often result in great outcomes. So, for this, the correct ideation and Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment can be quite fruitful.



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