Psychological and Leadership Assessment

Psychological Assessment Pave the Way for Better Leadership Assessment

Psychological Assessment Tests mostly consist of different test-type modules such as self-report questionnaires, multiple-choice questions with scaling options, or true or false questions that further help in discovering valuable insights about the candidate’s psychological makeup as well as their inherent abilities.

This is why no employer would want is the risk of hiring the wrong candidate and when there is no room for disaster management, you are likely to be stuck with the wrong candidate for the years to come. If you’re wanting to hire the right candidates for your organization, here is how different assessments can help you in making a better decision:

How does Psychological Assessment help in the Selection Process?

Psychological Assessment helps in filtering out other graduates who have not yet acquired the skills or cognitive abilities that are necessary for transitioning into a professional work sphere which helps in saving the time of recruiters and their efforts by interviewing only the most deserving candidates and narrowing down their prospects.

How Does Psychological Assessment help in evaluating Leadership Assessment?

Employers also administer these psychological tests to those who are already part of the company’s workforce. These tests enhance their intellectual abilities and also provides real-time data on the capabilities of the employees.

These assessments help in transforming the company by empowering its workforce. Our assessments with BYLD give you the opening to the window of all the leadership and psychometric assessments to evaluate your people and their current situation.

Knowing these types of workplace assessments available is a key component and the most vital aspect of workplace and leadership development. BYLD provides you with assessments that help a company hire or promote the right employees by assessing their leadership skills and how they impact the business culture.

Psychological Assessment and Leadership Assessment provided by BYLD:

LAPII: Leadership Behavior Analysis is a leadership assessment designed to measure the frequency of use of SLII leadership behaviors by assessing the leadership style flexibility and effectiveness.

Connect with BYLD subject matter experts to take benefit of these assessments in either form as they are available in both the Self version as part of standard SLII participant materials and an optional 360-degree format.

The Booth 360: This assessment delivers 360-degree feedback for managers and individual contributors.

Covering a broader array of leadership skills under its ambit it has a set of assessments that are more focused on the skills that are covered in a single program helping you focus on all-around traits and characteristics to improve on.

Frontline Leader Assessment: This leadership assessment measures strengths regarding twelve leadership dimensions.

Lumina Spark: Lumina Spark ensures that every individual with their special Lumina Mandala explains their key strengths and vulnerabilities in the simplest way possible by helping employees to identify and you get to finally work upon their positive and negative traits meanwhile unlocking better business benefits through a better personality outlook.

It helps by empowering employees to become more influential with external clients, colleagues, and stakeholders and establishing more cordial work relationships which enhance their work culture.

Build the leaders you believe in through our psychological assessment curated through 40 years of expertise research,


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