Temporary Staffing

Reasons Why Temporary Staffing Is the Most Preferred Staffing Service

Every company comes to a point in their entire tenure of existing in the industry when they have to downsize due to several reasons and many times they must have faced staffing shortages during the peak of a pandemic like COVID-19. That’s the point wherein staffing services can save the organization from the burdening pile of workload due to the temporary absence of staff, or when a new project comes along and you are understaffed. Temporary staffing services can help you strike a perfect balance. Read further to learn how BYLD helps you with your staffing needs.

How Many Types of Staffing Services do Temporary Staffing Companies Provide?

There are different kinds of staffing services provided by temporary staffing companies to help you balance out your workload and fill in those temporary vacancies within the organization without having to do entire hiring and putting your HR on work for temporary inconveniences. 

Temporary vacancies within organizations is a common occurrence when the employees of an organization are on temporary vacation leave, sick leave, medical leave, sabbatical leave or maternity leave, etc. during such circumstances, the workload of an organization might suffer if there is no temporary staff working in under their role for a temporary duration. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing Temporary Staffing?

The benefits of hiring temporary staffing are numerous, it not only saves you the resources, time, and overhead cost but it helps you ensure that your work delivery is continuous and you always have a contingency plan in place when things go south!

There are various types of temporary staffing services provided by staffing companies to help you with your staffing needs as per your project requirements. The types of temporary staffing could be many such as internships, part-time work, or full-time contract-based work wherein staff are deployed as per the requirements of the organizations. 

This ensures that you do not worry about the compliance, over-head cost, bonuses, and incentives of hiring another employee at an organization and provide them the entire security of your regular employees. You can hire the same kind of skillset or more refined set of skills for a temporary basis to provide them with the work experience and also keep your workflow intact even during turbulent times. 

Staffing services provided by these staffing companies like YOMA will help you carry out all of the HR process-related work that can help you cover employee lifecycle management, attendance management, KYC documents and identification credentials, payroll, orientation, training, and exit formalities that are carried out through our in-house technology named ‘Pronto’ that helps in simplifying all of the HR-related work by providing incredible scalability operating at a much larger volume. 

What Staffing Services do Temporary Staffing Companies like YOMA Provide?

By delivering experienced industrial staffing services for your firm, YOMA ensures that our Staffing Services are seamless. YOMA recognizes the talent gap in work experience and graduation, in addition to industrial personnel. They give intensive on-the-job training as well as classroom instruction through apprenticeship programs to fill in these skill shortages.

YOMA bridges the gap between inexperience and a lack of resources by deploying our best professionals to assist you to establish a robust staff at the top retailers as well as your company's firm.

YOMA offers a variety of services that integrate different services with expanded functions, such as general staffing, industrial staffing, temporary staffing, and staff augmentation.

YOMA's services appeal to a variety of industries, including FMCG and consumer products, BFSI, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT, Engineering, BPO and ITES, Automobiles, Manufacturing, and a variety of other verticals. Check out the staffing services provided to these industries. Get in touch with us today.


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