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Revolutionize Coaching and Mentoring with the help of Training Companies

There are several companies out there that have suffered from the lack of training provided to their employees. With the technological advancements made in the world, training companies have realized that there has been a paradigm shift in the culture of workplaces and organizations are on the look-out for employing young individuals that have the calibre to contribute to the diversity and inclusivity of the workforce by making the youth more skilled and capable. Here’s how BYLD provides you with the best coaching and mentoring programs.

Why are Training Companies urging for the provision of training?

You will be amazed at how many employees are dissatisfied with their organizations as they are not stimulated and engaged with the right type of training that makes them feel inclusive and a part of a larger organizational goal. 

Every employee in the organization can feel a loss of connectivity with the core values of the company and a lack in their work output if they are satisfied with their level of work and what they bring to the table. This very severe disconnect will cost you in the long run, wonder what might happen if employees start to lose interest and they do not feel that the organization is adding value to their professional development? Well, to make you understand the reality of such situations, these statistics will prove the importance of the provision of training:

Nearly about 59% of employees have started to claim that most of their skills are self-taught and their workplace had no contribution to their professional development and training. Whereas, on the other hand, about 74% of workers are more than willing to learn newer skills and utilize these newly learned skills in their work, in fact, they are even willing to re-train in order to remain employable. 

Top training companies like BYLD urge employers to provide better training facilities as they realize that if the employee feels that the organization values their professional growth and development, the more likely they are to stick around for the long haul. 

What is the importance of Coaching and Mentoring provided by Training Companies?

Today’s workforce is mostly occupied by millennials and Gen-Z’s as they make up the majority of the country’s workforce and manpower. This generation believes in becoming their own leader and they want to feel more empowered and committed to their personal and professional growth. 

Here are some of the statistics that will help you understand why coaching and mentoring provided by training companies like BYLD are important:

About 87% of millennials that make up the majority of the workforce believe that learning and development in the workplace are highly important in retaining them for the long run. Whereas, about a good 59% of millennials claim that growth and development opportunities are extremely important when it comes to deciding whether to apply for a position or stay with the organization that provides them adequate learning opportunities.

What are the Coaching and Mentoring programs offered by Training Companies like BYLD?

  • BYLD is one of the finest training companies in India, providing coaching and mentoring
  • programs that are accredited and recognized by esteemed institutions and federations across the globe.
  • DTCI (Door Training and Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.) is a program accredited by International Coaching Federal (ICF) that provides Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Coach Certification.
  • InsideOut Coaching™ provides a coaching module to help form a positive climate of effective communication.

Backed by 40 years of research and extensive research work of our experts, these coaching and mentoring programs are guided by the hands of experts coaching and industrial leaders who aim to optimize the workforce of the organization towards success, to know more


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