Secrets behind Making Smart Decisions in the Time of Uncertainty

Making faster and more effective decisions amid uncertainty is not a cakewalk. A lot of deliberation is needed to make quicker decisions. But, the question is how to be able to make decisions that can help to succeed during these times. To ensure bold and quick decision-making, follow the below principles:

Take a breath

To feel relaxed, it is important to take a break and breathe. In a time of crisis, it is not a good idea to take a pause and relax as every minute is essential. However, taking out time to relax is important too. This can help in avoiding impulsive decision-making. Your mind needs some rest and for that a good sleep and breaks are necessary.

Involve more people

Taking decisions alone can be a daunting task at times. To get clarity of goals and be able to make smarter decisions, the involvement of people is better. Start involving more stakeholders and encourage different views by taking the following steps:

  • Clarify the decisions to be made
  • Identify a few decision-makers
  • Identify who should have a say, including stakeholders and experts, and those who will implement decisions
  • You can also create a forum for debates.

After the decision-making process, you can speak to clarify the actions to be taken, timeline, and accountabilities, and answer any questions about what comes next.

Make the critical small choices

Some small decisions can have long-term, strategic implications; leaders must look for them. Below are the steps to make critical choices.

  • Predict multiple scenarios for how things can unfold over time.
  • Try and engage others to help identify the small decisions you should address now

Show up

The best you can do is to be visible. People need your attention and need to know that you care. Be there and communicate with them to be able to resolve their queries. Good decisions come from leaders who are ready to help their people and listen to them. During these times, it becomes a bit complicated for all, but with a presence of mind, this can pass too.

Empower leaders with examples

It is important to identify people who have done the following things to increase the likelihood of success in times of uncertainty:

  • Experience a crisis and show their mettle
  • The ones who are the risk-takers

Decision-making in these times can lead to quick moves. Leaders cannot afford to wait when events are moving fast as they are at present. The principles mentioned can help leaders make smarter decisions to guide their people and organizations through this crisis. You must also embrace the change and continue to learn as you go ahead.



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